Biometric Time Clocks

TimeTrak offers a wide range of biometric time clocks tailored to your business’s unique needs including fingerprint and facial recognition devices.

Our employee time clock software also integrates with hundreds of payroll services, including ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks.

  • Fast Fingerprint Identification

  • PIN Override Option

  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready

biometric time clock system device

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock System

Find the perfect employee time clock hardware for your business needs with our Finder tool. Our latest fingerprint time clock, the essInfoTouch, offers added convenience and security with its touch screen display and integrated camera.

Experience the ease and accuracy of biometric fingerprint time and attendance systems. Contact us today for a free demo and learn how TimeTrak can help alleviate your payroll and HR headaches!

  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • PIN Override Option

  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready

Facial Recognition Employee Time Clock

TimeTrak offers touchless biometric time clocks in addition to its biometric fingerprint time clocks. Our essInfoTouch time clock verifies employees’ identities in less than a second using facial recognition technology.

This touchless option is ideal for manufacturing environments where cleanliness and safety are paramount. Our rugged design ensures long-lasting durability and the ability to identify users regardless of their hand cleanliness. Experience the convenience and accuracy of TimeTrak touchless biometric time clocks.

biometric facial recognition time device

Advanced Time and Attendance

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Fingerprint Scanner Time Clock System

Biometric fingerprint time clock systems are becoming increasingly popular because they offer several benefits. Since fingerprint terminals read each employee’s unique characteristics, they prevent time theft by making it impossible for employees to clock in for each other.

Biometric Privacy Concerns

Biometric fingerprint and time clock systems can improve workplace security by verifying the identity of employees. However, while the benefits of biometrics are well-documented, some employees may still have privacy concerns.

Our terminals collect only sample data, convert it into binary data using mathematical algorithms, and then store only a digital representation of the fingerprint (not the actual fingerprint image), from which it is virtually impossible to recreate the original image.

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Looking for a Simpler Solution?

Check out our TimeTrakGO solution and see just how easy employee time tracking can be.

Platform Overview

See what makes TimeTrakGO the ideal time clock system.

Time Clock Options

Choose from Mobile, Web, and Biometric with Facial Recognition.

Easy PTO Tracking

Simple Time Off Requests and Approvals.

facial recognition time clock device

Simple Biometric Face Recognition Clocking

Instantly turn any tablet into a powerful facial recognition time clock system. The ideal option for those looking for the added benefits of Facial Recognition.

  • Replaces “Traditional” Time Clocks
  • App Pinning Feature for Security
  • Self-Service Features