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TimeTrak Vacation Request software simplifies the process of requesting and approving vacation and paid time off (PTO), evaluating requests based on seniority and availability to ensure critical staffing levels are maintained.

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Employee Vacation Request System

Streamline your vacation requests with our automated system.

Centralize all employee time-off requests in one place and manage them effortlessly with our vacation request module. Our platform makes it easy to review and approve or deny requests quickly, reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks.

When an employee requests a vacation day, their supervisor or admin will receive instant email notifications. Approving or denying requests takes just a few clicks, and the hours are automatically updated on the employee’s timecard.

Employee Time Off Scheduling System

Employees can use TimeTrak’s on-screen graphical scheduling feature at dedicated employee kiosks or any workstation with access to the server. They can request vacation, comp time, and other benefits; review the status of pending requests; view current and uncommitted hours; and put denied requests on hold until another employee’s schedule changes.

employee time off scheduling

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fair vacation scheduling for employees

Fair Vacation Scheduling

Vacation scheduling software eliminates paper requests, PTO calendars, and the need for supervisors to manually approve requests, freeing them to focus on more important work. It also ensures unbiased application of corporate policies and generates time off reports in minutes..

  • View their PTO Balances
  • Request Time Off
  • Check the Status of Requests

Advanced Time and Attendance

Enterprise employee time and attendance capable of the most advanced rules and calculations.

Platform Overview

See the power of advanced time tracking with TimeTrak Classic.

Payroll Integrations

Send accurate employee hours to leading payroll services.

PTO Tracking

Advanced PTO tracking that handles complex policies.