Fingerprint Time Clock

Model 915 – Biometric Time Clock

Need a reliable and secure way to track employee time and attendance? TimeTrak’s Model 915 biometric time clock uses advanced fingerprint-matching technology for accurate and efficient time punches.

  • Fast Fingerprint Identification
  • PIN Override Option
  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready
fingerprint employee time clock
fingerprint buddy punching

Prevent Buddy Punching

With biometric fingerprint recognition, you can say goodbye to “buddy punching” and time fraud. Each employee’s time and attendance data is securely recorded with indisputable accuracy.

Fingerprint recognition technology ensures the highest level of security for your time-tracking data, preventing costly time fraud.

Advanced Time and Attendance

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Wifi Enabled Fingerprint Clock

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Our Model 915 fingerprint clocks offers a range of benefits that can help streamline your operations and improve employee time tracking in ways that traditional systems simply can’t match:

  • Ideal Solution for Remote or Office
  • Virtual Time Clock Software
  • No Software to Install
fingerprint employee time clock

Enterprise Time Clock Options

Combine multiple clocking options for your ENTIRE workforce.


RFID or Barcode badge employee time clock.


Biometric fingerprint employee time clock.

Facial Recognition

Biometric facial recognition employee time clock.