Touchscreen Fingerprint Time Clock

essInfoTouch – Touchscreen Fingerprint Time Clock

TimeTrak’s essInfoTouch Smart Terminal delivers the latest in employee self-service and time and attendance data collection, with a bright 7-inch time and attendance touch screen for ease of use

  • RFID such as HID or Generic 125khz
  • Optional Touchless Configuration
  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready
employee fingerprint time clock advanced
fingerprint buddy punching

Prevent Buddy Punching

With biometric fingerprint recognition, you can say goodbye to “buddy punching” and time fraud. Each employee’s time and attendance data is securely recorded with indisputable accuracy.

Fingerprint recognition technology ensures the highest level of security for your time-tracking data, preventing costly time fraud.

Fingerprint Backup with a Camera

The essInfoTouch fingerprint time clocks eliminate the headaches sometimes associated with fingerprint terminals. Employees may be unable to punch in or out using traditional fingerprint time clocks due to work environment conditions, such as dirt, grease, or moisture on their hands.

After three failed attempts, the clock will take a photograph of the user and accept the punch. These transactions are flagged as exceptions for review within the software, and the photo is visible alongside the punch on the employee’s time card.

  • Ideal Solution for Warehouse or Manufacturing
  • Fast and Easy Clocking
  • Real-time Data
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Advanced Time and Attendance

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Enterprise Time Clock Options

Combine multiple clocking options for your ENTIRE workforce.


RFID or Barcode badge employee time clock.


Biometric fingerprint employee time clock.

Facial Recognition

Biometric facial recognition employee time clock.