Best Employee Time Tracking Software App

Employee Time Tracking Software Application

TimeTrak recognizes the workplace is a continually changing landscape with mobile employees,  4 day work weeks, flexible hours, shared jobs and more — requiring unique and convenient methods for all employees and managers to interact with their Time Tracking Software.

Our Employee Time Tracking Software can be set up with a mix of different technologies such as SMS Texting, iPhone and Android apps with GPS, PIN Entry Terminals, Barcode Badges, RFID Proximity Badges, and even biometric identification using fingerprints.

Employee Time Tracking Software automates your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll.

For over thirty-five years TimeTrak Systems has been developing, installing & supporting employee time tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries.

TimeTrak provides integrated hardware and software solutions for time tracking, labor distribution, employee scheduling & human resources.

Key Features

Real Time

Punches are applied to the time cards in real time


With 9 levels of input, we can create custom functions beyond standard IN and OUT punches


Employees are empowered by using their Desktop PCs to access the time tracking software.


Attractive background images allow you to customize the look and feel, providing a tool to share corporate goals or simply better brand your organization

Cost Effective

Turns every computer into a sophisticated data collection terminal

Save $

Employee Time Tracking Software saves money over traditional time clocks.

Workforce Management Solution

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Automate your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll.
Offers new patented technology that automates the monitoring, reporting, and actions associated with your company attendance policy.
Employees may make requests to take benefit time, such as vacation and comp time, and review the status of pending  requests from an easy-to-use graphical interface.
Turn any PC/Workstation into a powerful employee time and attendance terminal. Employees can perform any clock function right from their PC.
No smartphone? No problem. Our SMS texting service provides employees without smartphones the ability to perform clock functions via SMS text messages.
TimeTrak offers companies the ability to effectively manage day to day operations, as well as future plans and strategic directions with real-time labor data.
Configure the Benefit Accruals module to automatically accrue earned time off such as Vacation, Sick, Personal or Paid Time Off (PTO).
Empower your employees with Self-Service! This custom essPortal gives them access to the data they need, such as timecards or attendance details.
Now mobile employees have the ability to punch IN / OUT from the convenience of their smartphone. GPS location tracking is also an option for added security.
With over 150 existing interfaces, our customers experience easy integration to leading Payroll, Human Resource, Scheduling, Access Control, Shop Floor, and ERP Systems.

Additional Information

Employee Time Tracking Software applications automate the collection and reporting of employee hours, exceptions, holidays, benefit accruals, and attendance infractions. Data collection options include physical time clocks such as a fingerprint or badge as well as software-only solutions such as web, pc or mobile time tracking from an iPhone or Android device with GPS location tracking.

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