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TimeTrak's Mission

To create superior solutions for all organizations, large and small, by utilizing our decades of experience to continually innovate workforce management; while promoting a corporate culture of caring, growth, value, and enhanced productivity to better serve our customers.

About TimeTrak

For forty years TimeTrak Systems has been developing, installing & supporting labor management solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. TimeTrak provides integrated hardware and software solutions for time & attendance, labor distribution, employee scheduling & human resources.

Founded in 1979 as a custom software house, TimeTrak provided a wide range of business accounting, payroll, timekeeping and expense reporting solutions to the retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries. In 1981, TimeTrak chose to focus its development efforts solely on the time and attendance aspect of the payroll process.

In 1983, TimeTrak released the industry’s first fully-parameterized software for automated timekeeping. Over the next several years, the TimeTrak OEM product would be sold worldwide through well-established time clock manufacturers.

In 1994, under employee ownership, TimeTrak Systems took control over the marketing, installation and sale of its time and attendance software product line.  Through direct and authorized reseller network sales efforts, TimeTrak has become one of the fastest-growing timekeeping software products on the market.

TimeTrak has become the TECHNOLOGY leader in the time and attendance industry, through the development of innovative time and labor management solutions that increase business productivity. TimeTrak Systems is continually rededicating itself to the task of addressing the needs of businesses today and tomorrow by developing new and more powerful client/server applications that harness the power of the internet.