What is a Biometric Time Clock

What is a Biometric Time Clock?

A biometric time clock is a secure and accurate way to verify employee clock-ins by using unique human characteristics, thereby preventing fraudulent practices like buddy punching. At TimeTrak, we have been at the forefront of biometric time clock technology and understand the increasing popularity of this technology in the workplace.

We offer four reliable forms of biometric time clock validation, including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, hand geometry, and passive biometrics using a simple photo attached to every punch on the time card. With these options, our biometric time clocks can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

Each of these terminals offers a secure and efficient way to track employee time and attendance, ensuring accurate payroll processing and eliminating costly errors. With our biometric time clock solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and secure system in place to track your employees’ hours.

essInfoTouch Series Smart Clocks with Facial Recognition

Experience the latest technology in facial recognition time clock systems with TimeTrak’s essInfoTouch Smart Terminal. This cutting-edge solution offers an array of Employee Self-Service and Time and Attendance data collection benefits, all through a bright, 7-inch graphical touch screen interface.

In addition to its advanced features, the essInfoTouch Smart Terminal can be equipped with a thermal imaging sensor to enable fast temperature detection, aiding in the fight against COVID-19.

For businesses with more complex validation requirements, the essTouch supports both RFID badge and biometric fingerprint readers, making it an ideal solution for a range of environments.

With its performance, flexibility, and accountability, the essInfoTouch Smart Terminal series is the perfect choice for any business. Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, you can rely on the essInfoTouch to deliver accurate time tracking and employee data collection. Trust TimeTrak to provide you with the latest in facial recognition technology for your time and attendance needs.

  • Smart Terminal with Advanced Functions
  • Large 7″ Screen (Touch or Touchless) 
  • Advanced Facial Recognition with Mask Detection
  • Optional Thermal Sensor
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essInfoTouch Series Smart Clocks with Camera (Optional Fingerprint)

TimeTrak’s essInfoTouch Smart Terminal offers the latest in fingerprint time clock technology which features Employee Self-Service and Time and Attendance data collection benefits, through its bright, 7″ graphical touch screen user interface. Plus, each unit is equipped with an integrated digital camera for capturing pictures, providing passive biometric validation for increased accountability. For businesses with more advanced validation requirements, the essTouch supports both RFID badge and biometric fingerprint readers. No matter your environment, the essInfoTouch series provides a perfect balance of performance, flexibility, and accountability.

  • Smart Terminal with Advanced Functions
  • Large 7″ Touch Screen
  • Integrated Digital Camera

Model 915 Fingerprint Time Clock

TimeTrak’s Model 915 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks are innovative time and attendance readers offering unparalleled performance and value. TCP/IP communication is standard and will ensure that data transmission between the terminal and the TimeTrak host system is automated, easy and error-free. The USB port can be used to transfer the data to and from a USB flash drive.

  • Basic Terminal with Standard Functions
  • 3″ Color LCD Screen
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TimeTrak offers advanced biometric time clock terminals that provide employers with a range of options for using biometric validation to meet their specific needs. Our terminals combine various forms of validation such as card readers (barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity), PIN, and camera with fingerprint recognition and hand geometry recognition.

For employers who prefer more aggressive biometric validation, our systems include options such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and hand shape recognition. These systems can verify and block employees from transactions if their fingerprints or hand shapes do not match what is on file for them.

We also offer systems that are less aggressive, using a camera to capture a picture after an employee’s fingers do not verify on two or three attempts. This allows employees to always be able to punch or transact and eliminates any claims of the data collection terminal not being able to read their finger.

For union situations and government organizations that encounter resistance to finger and hand shape biometrics, a camera can be used to take a picture with each punch or transaction. This provides a passive form of biometrics, where supervisors can check the picture connected to the transaction or review pictures for a range of dates to ensure honesty in the workplace.

No matter your industry or specific needs, TimeTrak’s advanced biometric time clock terminals provide a range of options to ensure accurate time tracking and data collection for your employees. Choose the level of biometric validation that works best for you and experience the benefits of increased accountability and efficiency in your workplace.