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Employee Time Clock Software

Are you tired of manually sifting through time cards to calculate employee hours? TimeTrak’s employee time clock software can help.

Our unique graphical time cards make it easy to identify missing punches and exceptions, such as absences or tardiness, saving you time and effort.

Switch to TimeTrakGO today and streamline your time and attendance tracking process.

employee time clock software
Employee Time Clock Options
  • Intuitive Design

Employee Time Clock Options

Say goodbye to the hassle of messy timesheets, complicated time card systems, and clunky mechanical time clocks with TimeTrakGO.

Our simple employee time clocks and mobile apps make it effortless for your employees to clock in and out with just a few clicks.

  • Web-Based Virtual Time Clock
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mobile App with GPS & Geofence

The Employee Time Clock Reinvented!

  • Time Insights

Powerful Dashboard

Elevate your time management prowess with our intuitive and powerful dashboard.

Gain immediate insights with a comprehensive overview of total hours worked, identify errors like missing punches or absences, view a detailed breakdown of total hours by pay code for each employee, and seamlessly access an IN and OUT board.

Stay informed with a real-time display of recent punches and effortlessly navigate through a convenient location map report. This feature-rich dashboard streamlines your time-related tasks and empowers you with actionable data.

  • Total Hours View
  • Errors and Exception Notifications
  • In | Out Board
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Exceptional Customer Care

Getting the help you need, when you need it, from friendly and knowledgeable US-based support staff.

Free Onboarding

Our customer care team will quickly guide you through system setup.

Free Support

Anytime you have questions, our friendly US-based team is there to help .

Free Upgrades

TimeTrakGO is 100% cloud-based. Upgrades are Free and Automatic.

Multi-Channel Support

US-Based  help is available via email, chat, or phone.

  • Effortless Timekeeping

Web-Based Time Clock System

Our employee time clock software is designed to streamline your time and attendance management, regardless of the size of your workforce.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to accurate payroll with minimal effort.

Our simple and 100% web-based design makes it easy to get started and have your team up and running in minutes. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today!

Simple Time Tracking Software.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we designed our web-based time clock software with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

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  • Quick-start wizard will have you up and GOing in minutes.

  • Easily integrates with many of the top payroll services.

  • Simple and easy to understand graphical time cards.
  • Cuts your review time in half compared to other “automated” systems.

  • Easy Integration

Simple Payroll Integration

Seamlessly integrate our software with many of the top payroll services, including ADP, Paychex, Gusto, and QuickBooks.

  • ADP Workforce Now
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Paychex
  • Gusto
  • and many others!

Not seeing your payroll solution? Get in touch with our team
Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients when it comes to integrating with various payroll solution providers.

time tracking software payroll integrations

Multiple Time Clock Options

Combine multiple clocking options for your ENTIRE workforce.


Employee time clock app with GPS location detail.

PIN Entry Kiosk

Web browser or app-based virtual time clock kiosks.

Facial Recognition

Biometric facial recognition employee time clock.