Employee Attendance Tracking Software Point System

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Having the Employee Attendance Tracking software and integrated Point System automation feature is like having a supervisor monitoring 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It constantly reviews employee time cards and automatically notifies you of only those situations you are concerned with, at the precise moment you want to be notified.

Attendance Tracking




Attendance Tracking System Point Policy

Exclusive, patented technology that automates the monitoring, reporting, and appropriate actions for events of importance to a company – employee attendance and absentee policies, budget overages, excessive tardiness, employees or departments with excessive overtime, etc.

  • Track Tardy, Absences, Unexcused Time, Long Lunches, etc.
  • Configurable Evaluation Periods (Monthly, Yearly, Rolling Year, etc.)
  • Automatic Alerts on Excessive Occurrences

Employee Absence Tracker

Imagine a software system that automatically watches for alcohol, drug, or other individual issue-related absenteeism and tardy attendance patterns — fairly, accurately, and objectively identifying employees and predicting who may need attention before their potential problem has a detrimental effect on the company.

  • Watch for Drug and Alcohol-Related Absences
  • Day-of-Week Counters of Occurrences
  • Identify Staffing Patterns and/or Problems

Employee Attendance Tracker

The Attendance Tracking software feature provides a level of management information and automated action never before obtainable cost-effectively. Without, potentially dozens of clerks would be needed to identify the conditions and dozens of supervisors to administer the actions the Attendance Tracking module will identify and carry out automatically.

  • Automate and Streamline Complicated Attendance Policies
  • Reward Employee Perfect Attendance
  • Fair, Consistent & Timely Notifications 

Employee Perfect Attendance Tracking

You can now fully automate your employee perfect attendance\merit system. Or, initiate a perfect attendance system that awards extra time off, dollar bonuses, or simply a Certificate of Accomplishment.

  • Reward Your Most Valuable Employees
  • Decrease Costly Absenteeism
  • Increase Productivity