Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Improve workplace productivity with our Employee Attendance Tracking and Point System Automation software. We’re like a vigilant supervisor, monitoring your employees’ time cards 24/7.

Automated notifications let you know of important situations right when you need to know about them. Experience seamless attendance tracking and streamlined work processes with our top-notch software.

employee attendance tracking software

Attendance Tracking System Point Policy

Revolutionize your company’s crucial event monitoring, reporting, and management with our exclusive and patented technology.

Our automated system streamlines the process and takes appropriate actions as needed, from employee attendance and absentee policies to budget overages, excessive tardiness, and departments with excessive overtime.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual monitoring and management, and experience a more efficient and effective workplace with our state-of-the-art technology.

Employee Absence Tracking Software

Imagine a software system that proactively watches for alcohol, drug, or other individual issue-related absenteeism and tardy attendance patterns, fairly, accurately, and objectively identifying employees at risk and predicting who may need attention before their potential problem has a detrimental effect on the company.

  • Watch for Drug and Alcohol-Related Absences
  • Day-of-Week Counters of Occurrences
  • Identify Staffing Patterns and/or Problems
absence and attendance tracking software

Point System Automation

The Attendance Tracking software feature delivers unprecedented management insights and automated actions. Without it, companies would need to hire dozens of clerks to identify conditions and dozens of supervisors to administer actions that the Attendance Tracking module automatically identifies and executes.

  • Automate and Streamline Complicated Attendance Policies
  • Reward Employee Perfect Attendance
  • Fair, Consistent & Timely Notifications 

Employee Perfect Attendance Tracking

Automate your perfect attendance merit system and award extra time off, dollar bonuses, or certificates of accomplishment to recognize and reward your employees for their hard work and dedication.

With an automated system, you can easily track employee attendance and identify those who have achieved perfect attendance. You can then automatically award them with the rewards of your choice, without having to manually calculate or distribute them. This saves you time and hassle, and ensures that your employees are always recognized for their accomplishments.

  • Reward Your Most Valuable Employees
  • Decrease Costly Absenteeism
  • Increase Productivity
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Advanced Time and Attendance

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Looking for a Simpler Solution?

Check out our TimeTrakGO solution and see just how easy employee time tracking can be.

Platform Overview

See what makes TimeTrakGO the ideal time clock system.

Time Clock Options

Choose from Mobile, Web, and Biometric with Facial Recognition.

Easy PTO Tracking

Simple Time Off Requests and Approvals.

facial recognition time clock device

Time and Attendance for Small Business

Looking for simple employee time and attendance software for a small business? If you don’t need the complexity of our TimeTrak Classic edition, our new version may be for you!

TimeTrakGO is our simple employee time tracking system that features unique graphical employee time cards and uses an ordinary tablet as a time clock!

  • Replaces “Traditional” Time Clocks
  • App Pinning Feature for Security
  • Self-Service Features