Biometric Fingerprint Clocking In Machine

Fingerprint Clocking In Machine

TimeTrak offers a variety of biometric and fingerprint clocking in machines compatible with hundreds of payroll services including ADP, Paychex, Sage, and QuickBooks.

Fingerprint clocking in machines or fingerprint time clocks not only prevent employee “buddy punching” but can save your business time and money.   Today’s fingerprint time clocks are incredibly efficient at verifying fingerprints even in the case of dry, wet, cracked, or even dirty fingers.

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Face Recognition Machine

TimeTrak also offers facial recognition employee clock in machines as an alternative to fingerprints. If you ever wondered about the differences between a fingerprint and facial recognition when it comes to employee time clocks this article may help. Fingerprint Reader vs. Face Recognition: What Are the Differences?

Options include a cloud-hosted solution with a low cost per employee as well as an on-premise system with No Monthly fee. The fingerprint time clock device and software include scheduling, exception tracking, automatically paid holidays, and numerous ad-hoc reports.

Simple Employee Time Clock Machine

Looking for a simple employee time clock system?

Finally, a biometric time clock machine that is simple and easy to use. Say goodbye to messy timesheets, clunky mechanical time clocks, and complicated time card systems. TimeTrakGO can turn an ordinary tablet into a facial recognition time clock in just a few minutes.

Being a small business owner is hard enough, your time clock software shouldn’t be. That’s why our web-based time clock for small businesses is created for simple, fast, and secure use every day.

Fingerprint Clocking Machines

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Simple for your Employees

Fingerprint time and attendance solutions make it easy for employees to clock in and out. No more worn-out swipe cards or forgotten badges, they will always have their fingerprint with them.


Prevent Buddy Punching and Stop the Spread

Accurately identifying each individual employee, biometric fingerprint time clocks are a great way to tackle the problem of time theft and buddy punching.

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