Fingerprint Time Clocks

TimeTrak offers a wide range of biometric and fingerprint time clock machines, making it easy for employees to clock in. These time clocks also integrate seamlessly with hundreds of popular payroll services, such as ADP, Paychex, Sage, and QuickBooks.

  • Fast Fingerprint Identification

  • PIN Override Option

  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready

fingerprint clocking in machine
advanced time clock machine with fingerprint

Fingerprint Clock In System

Fingerprint time clocks are a reliable way to prevent employee “buddy punching” and can also help your business save time and money.

With advanced technology, today’s fingerprint time clocks can quickly and accurately verify fingerprints even in the case of dry, wet, cracked, or dirty fingers.

  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • PIN Override Option

  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready

Advanced Time and Attendance

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Facial Recognition Time Clock Machine

TimeTrak’s facial recognition time clock hardware is a touchless alternative to fingerprint time clocks, eliminating the common issue of dry or cracked skin.

  • Advanced Facial Recognition

  • Optional Thermal ID Scanner

  • Wifi and Ethernet Ready

biometric facial recognition time machine

Looking for a Simpler Solution?

Check out our TimeTrakGO solution and see just how easy employee time tracking can be.

Platform Overview

See what makes TimeTrakGO the ideal time clock system.

Time Clock Options

Choose from Mobile, Web, and Biometric with Facial Recognition.

Easy PTO Tracking

Simple Time Off Requests and Approvals.

facial recognition time clock device

Simple Face Recognition Machine

Instantly turn any tablet into a powerful facial recognition time clock system. The ideal option for those looking for the added benefits of Facial Recognition.

  • Replaces “Traditional” Time Clocks
  • App Pinning Feature for Security
  • Self-Service Features