Are you considering the benefits of an online employee tracking system? Learn how an employee attendance tracker delivers an excellent return on investment.

Are you worried that your employees are abusing the company’s time clock policy? Do you want to make sure your staff is at their desk and ready to help customers when your hours of operation begin?

If so, then you need to invest in an employee attendance tracker for your business. This can help you regain control of when and where they clock in/out for work.

An employee attendance management solution still allows for flexibility, but also provides workers with more accountability.

See below for an in-depth guide listing all of the different types of ROI you can expect when you invest in one.

1. Solution for Remote Workers

In the past few years, more and more companies have opened their business models to allow for remote work opportunities.

Then the 2020 pandemic occurred and forced businesses to adopt a fully-remote business model. It opened the floodgates for the new normal.

Some company owners are wondering when corporate America will return to a mostly in-office workforce, but here’s the truth: we’re never going back.

The quarantine opened the floodgates for a trending desire among employees: to be able to work from home. Now that the quarantine showed it can be done, it’s high on the priority list of top-tier talent.

Here’s the good news: data has shown that 60-percent of workers are more productive from home than in the office.

That same data showed that only 14-percent are less productive; the other 26-percent are about as productive regardless of whether they’re in the office or not.

That said, some business models still need those remote workers to clock in at a certain time. For example, your customer service reps need to be working from 9 to 5 to support your consumers.

By investing in an employee attendance tracker, you can help your company adjust quickly to the new hybrid (if not entirely remote) workforce.

2. Automated Attendance Tracking

As a growing business, you and your entire staff are forced to wear several different hats throughout each business day.

To accommodate the needs of their department, managers are prioritizing their subordinate’s needs ahead of their own tasks. Your managers are having to balance it all.

With so much on your plate already, you don’t want you and your other managers to have to keep track of things like vacation requests, scheduling, and so forth.

Thankfully, you can rid your upper-level staff of this burden right away by investing in an employee attendance management solution.

With TimeTrak, you’ll get a web-based time and attendance tool. This system automates everything regarding employee attendance, such as:

  • Calculating hours for payroll purposes
  • Receiving and fulfilling vacation requests
  • Scheduling staff members to designated shifts
  • Calculating paid time off earnings
  • Tracking exceptions when employees don’t return to work on time, take longer breaks, etc.

Better yet, you can pull up this information at any time from your end as an executive.

Thanks to employee attendance trackers, you can tend to employee tracking matters when you have the time for them in your busy schedule.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface

Everyone in the corporate world knows the value of a customer relationship management (CRM) system. They can help boost sales, nurture leads, and so forth.

But what if the interface on that CRM is too confusing for employees? Do you actually expect them to use something they don’t understand? Of course not.

That’s the same thought process you should have when you search for an employee attendance tracker: simplicity and efficiency.

Thankfully, TimeTrack covers that on both ends. Our latest edition features a simplistic client user interface, as well as an improved supervisor interface.

We still offer the prior versions of our software as well, so you can have more familiarity if you’ve used one of our previous versions with success.

Make sure that you find an easy-to-use system. One that you can quickly train your staff to use. If the system is too complex, even you won’t look forward to using it.

4. Communication At Every Level

Perhaps you need to make sure that people are picking up extra shifts to accommodate the busy holiday season. Maybe you need managers to schedule themselves for a sales table at an upcoming expo.

Whatever the case might be, employee attendance software helps you track all levels of your business. Everyone from the part-timers, interns, full-timers, and management staff will be held accountable.

This will naturally help implement a “lead by example” mentality in your business model. If the managers are being diligent in their hours, entry-level employees will follow their lead.

5. Fast and Easy Scheduling

Scheduling has never been easier. Using TimeTrak, managers will be able to quickly schedule employees in the portal and immediately notify workers of their week/month ahead.

You can save several templates to expedite the scheduling process further so that everyone on staff can get used to a certain routine.

Those templates can also help your managers cut down on the time they spend scheduling, getting back to their other tasks quicker.

The graphics of our scheduling application are easy on the eyes. Employees will immediately understand the breakdown by the hour and what time they’re expected to clock in for their next shift.

Unlock the Benefits of an Employee Attendance Tracker for Your Company

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the benefits of investing in an employee attendance tracker for your company, it’s time to take action!

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