Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software

Cloud Based Time and Attendance

TimeTrak’s cloud-based time and attendance software is simply a more efficient way to handle your employees’ time worked and attendance. This cloud-hosted solution provides full access to the TimeTrak Enterprise application with no employee limits or user restrictions. Cloud-based software is a great addition to your business because of its flexible usability location. You can access this software wherever you go.

TimeTrak’s cloud-based time and attendance software makes it easier to meet payroll policies when it comes to shift start and end times, overtime, premium time, holidays, shift differentials, job rate changes, on-call, call back, change and clean-up time, etc.

TimeTrak helps simplify things for your employees so they can get to work quicker, giving them more time to focus on the task at hand.

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Control Overtime

Exception Tracking


Stress-Free Cloud-Based Solutions

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Web-Based Time and Attendance

Cloud-based time and attendance software provides stress-free automation for your business including scheduling, vacation request, paid time off earnings, exception tracking, calculation of hours, and much more! All Cloud-Hosted Systems Include the following:

  • FREE Support
  • FREE Upgrades
  • Choose from over 125 Payroll Exports FREE

Professional Implementation Services

At TimeTrak we work closely with every customer to implement our cloud-based time and attendance solutions. We strive to provide you with the very best service possible while helping you realize the many benefits your new software provides as it eases your workflow and payroll processes. Below are just a few benefits of our professional implementation services.

  • Programming & Configuration
  • System Training
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Flexibility Beyond Compare

TimeTrak allows you to adapt the system to your business environment, use your terminology, your editing, review, and reporting processes. TimeTrak permits you to name your fields and uses those naming conventions throughout the system, on screens, and in reports.