Web Based Online Employee Time Tracking

Online Employee Time Tracking

A Web-based employee time clock is one of the most efficient ways for any business to track employee hours. The online time clock will instantly turn any computer into a powerful timekeeping device capable of accurately recording payroll hours and attendance exceptions.





Web Based Time Clock

The web-based employee time clock software enables you to turn every computer in your organization to a full-featured employee time clock and self-service station. Standard employee timekeeping functions such as IN, OUT and LUNCH are supported, along with a variety of labor and job transfer options.

  • Record Hours by Job, Department, Job, Task, and More
  • Transfer Employee Hours Directly to Payroll
  • Capture Errors Such as Tardy or Absent

Online Employee Time Clock Features

Powerful online employee time tracking tools that enable us to customize a layout for your specific needs. Employees can clock in or out with just one click, take a lunch, change job or department codes, and declare their tips instantly.

  • Basic Time Clock Functions including: In, Out, Lunches and Breaks
  • Labor Transfers such as Department and Job
  • Employee Data Input for Tips or Expenses

Looking for a Simple solution for employee time tracking?

Don’t need all of the TimeTrak Enterprise Features? Or just want basic time tracking?
TimeTrakGO is our NEW simple online employee time clock system.

Basic Online Employee Time Tracking

TimeTrakGO is a simple online employee time tracking system for those with basic needs. Employees can clock in\out or take a break with just one click, all from the convenience of any web-browser.

  • Basic Time Clock Functions including: In, Out, Lunches\Breaks
  • Ideal For a Small Office \ Basic Needs
  • Quick-Start Wizard¬†


Basic Employee Web-Based Time Clock

Finally, a simple time clock system that makes payroll easy and controls labor costs by predicting overtime before it occurs. Our graphical time card will take the guesswork out of messy hand-written timesheets or complicated time cards.

  • Simple and Easy Time Tracking
  • Projected Hours Help Predict Overtime
  • Increase Productivity
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Still not sure which option is best for your company?

Try our helpful side-by-side feature comparison.