RFID Time Clock System for Employees

RFID Time Clock System

Our RFID Time Clock System for employees will simplify the clocking process and streamline payroll for your organization.  Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a contactless technology commonly used for security access control into buildings and employee time clocks. RFID involves automatically identifying objects through low-power radio waves.

RFID Time clocks are also touchless by nature, which makes them the perfect solution in today’s world.

RFID Employee Time Clock

RFID Time Clock Systems also have many advantages over their biometric-based counterparts. Typical employee time clocks that use a common barcode can easily be fooled with a photocopied badge or duplicated by using a printer to simply “print” a new time card.

  • Touchless\Contactless
  • Cannot be Copied or Duplicated
  • Multiple Form-Factors (Badge or Keyfobs)
  • RFID Badges do not wear out

Types of RFID Badges

RFID Employee time clocks typically are offered as either:

  • Standard 125khz Proximity
  • HID Compatible RFID proximity

If your business already has security\access control systems in place that use an RFID proximity time card, that is most likely our HID-compatible clock. If you do not have an existing proximity time card then our Standard 125khz is likely the best option for you. Call today to speak with a sales representative, at 810-984-1313.

rfid proximity badge

RFID Time Clock Options

Model 915 Proximity

Simple Employee Time Clock

The TimeTrak Model 915 proximity time clock is the ideal choice for those looking for a 100% touchless employee time clock system.


Employee Time Clock with Advanced Features

If your needs are more advanced, our essInfoTouch RFID employee time clock is the ideal solution.