Inaccurate payroll records can put you into some hot water as a business. Without adequate employee tracking, you won’t be able to pay employees on time which is a federal offense.

Protect your business by getting on top of attendance policies and tracking. The best way to do this is by learning how to use an attendance log. These tracking systems can do more than track employee time.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Importance of Accurate Attendance Tracking

Accurate attendance tracking can keep your business compliant by ensuring employees are paid the correct amount.

An employee attendance log provides valuable information about the efficiency of the business and the productivity of the staff.

Through attendance tracking, your business can identify areas of improvement and introduce training when necessary. Without accurate records, you might not realize how much your employees need to improve.

Employers can utilize time-tracking software to create schedules that can reduce labor costs while accommodating employee needs. An effective tracking system means your business can respond to issues before they become major problems.

Managers will receive detailed information on attendance habits, including who is always showing up late and who comes in on time.

In addition to these benefits, the payroll process is simplified. Relevant information regarding salaries and wages is readily available in an employee attendance tracking system.

When it’s time to calculate payments, you’ll be glad you have a system with accurate time and labor principles.

Most importantly, a time and management system helps you comply with laws related to employee hours and overtime.

How to Use an Attendance Log

An attendance log is a great way to keep employees accountable. Managers will have access to attendance information that can help with completing payroll.

You can refer to attendance logs over and over to improve your record-keeping. Setting up an attendance log is just as easy as reaping the benefits. You’ll want to follow these steps for accurate attendance tracking.

Setting Up Your Attendance Log

The first step to setting up your attendance log is to decide if you want to track employees manually or electronically. Manual versions of attendance tracking are outdated, so it’s always recommended to go digital.

With software from TimeTrak Systems, you can track attendance electronically.

From there it’s important to know which data fields you should be tracking. Most commonly, you’ll need to identify the employee’s time in, time out, date, and job title.

Using your software and data fields, set up your attendance log to be accessible to all authorized users. Before you hit the ground running, test the log using made-up data to check that it works to fit your needs.

After confirming that it works properly, establish a policy for attendance tracking.

Establishing an Attendance Policy

Establishing an attendance policy requires various steps. You’ll need to decide which attendance metrics to use and how to handle late employees.

An attendance log needs to have a clear way for employees to report their attendance. With TimeTrak Systems, you have multiple beneficial options.

If employees don’t adhere to the attendance policy, what will the consequences be? Answer this question among others to come up with an ideal plan.

Some tips for tracking employee absenteeism include:

  • Deciding how often attendance is monitored
  • Creating a sign-in procedure
  • Establishing criteria to determine absenteeism

When you decide on these things, create a written policy that employees can reference whenever necessary. If your employees aren’t remote, you could post your written policy on the wall for easy access.

Communicate your policy to all employees and answer any questions they might have.

Determining Allowable Sick Days and Vacation Time

Check your local regulations to determine the necessary amount of sick days and the vacation time you must provide employees. With this knowledge, you’ll stay compliant when employees want to take advantage of these benefits.

Establish a system for tracking sick time and vacation time that employees take.

When you opt for a time tracking program through TimeTrak Systems, you don’t have to have a separate system for PTO. Our PTO software integrates seamlessly with existing HR and payroll systems.

If an employee uses all of their allowed sick days or vacation days, determine what happens if they fail to show up for work.

Managing an Employee Attendance Log

Managing and reviewing your employee attendance log will help you keep accurate records. The best tips for managing your attendance are:

  • Setting a policy for adding absences to the log
  • Notifying employees of an unexcused absence
  • Placing a system for employee time off requests
  • Approving and denying time off requests fairly
  • Addressing excessive absences

Monitoring your attendance log will ensure that it is up to date. Consider scheduling time each week to review your log to identify potential mistakes or gaps in employee tracking.

A digital employee tracking system will help you keep accurate records by providing you with reports. You’ll spend less time reviewing your attendance tracking when you utilize digital practices.

Attendance Log Digital Options

TimeTrak Systems offers a variety of time clock options for every business need. Our most popular options include:

No matter which version you choose, you get a platform that is simple to use. Save time and money by integrating your payroll with digital systems.

Keep Your Attendance Records Accurate

Keeping your attendance records accurate is easier when you choose a digital attendance log. This tracking system can be customized to fit the needs of your business, and we can help you do that.

TimeTrack Systems has decades of experience helping businesses unlock their growth potential. Through streamlined time-tracking software, you can keep accurate logs and watch your business grow.

We’ve been a leading provider of labor management solutions for businesses of any size for over 40 years. We want to continue innovating and reinventing time tracking with you. Try a 14-day free trial now to get started.

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