Did you know that almost 90% of employees say that they waste at least half an hour of time during each workday? However, analyses have found that less than 60% of the workday is spent on productive tasks at many workplaces. Some employees express that they waste time out of boredom or lack of interest in their assigned tasks.

Wasted time in the workplace is one of the top causes of lost productivity. Businesses often explore a ridiculous variety of strategies for taking their success to the next level. However, an employee online time clock might be the simple solution you need to improve your business success.

After all, if you can avoid wasted time at work, think of the effect on total productivity! In fact, using an employee online time clock can help you improve productivity in a number of different ways.

So why might a time clock be the right solution for your productivity problems? Read on to learn all about how an employee online time clock can help you boost productivity to the next level!

Employee Online Time Clocks Increase Accountability

One of the clearest ways that a time clock can improve productivity is by improving accountability. Many employees are more productive when they know that someone is assessing the results of their work. There are a couple of different reasons for this.

First, employees like to know that someone notices when they are productive. It can feel discouraging to work hard on something that you know no one will ever look at in detail.

On top of that, many employees have a tendency to work harder when they know that someone knows how hard they are working. Without accountability, some people have the tendency to try to take credit for things without putting in the work to achieve them.

An employee online time clock can make it so that employees know that their work is always counted. That can help them stay on task and focus on real achievements.

Track Remote Work With Online Time Clock Systems

All of these points go double for remote work employees. Since the pandemic, it has become more common than ever before for people to work at a distance. Even employees who come into the office often use hybrid work models that allow them to work from home at least some of the time.

When people first started working from home during the pandemic, they were used to working at a certain speed. However, as they got more and more used to working at home, some of them started to slow down. Many businesses saw that productivity stayed high during the early days of remote work only to drop as time went on.

This unfortunate dynamic led many businesses to stop offering remote work options to employees. However, online time clock systems may allow you to maintain productivity while still giving your employees the option to work from home. By tracking their online work, you can make sure that employees in and away from the office both enjoy equal accountability.

Prevent Burnout With Time Clocks

In recent years, businesses have been paying more and more attention to the problem of employee burnout. Some employees get so caught up on a certain project that they work longer and harder than is good for their health and long-term productivity.

However, it can be hard to notice when someone is working harder than they should. After all, many business leaders are instead used to looking out for people who might be working less than is ideal.

The good news is that employee time tracking can help you notice when someone might be on the path toward burnout as well. As you review the data from your time tracking system, you can see which employees have been working the most and the least. If you notice that someone is working a ridiculous number of hours, you can speak with them about the situation and encourage them to take a break.

Empower Employees With Time Tracking

Many employees start work with the full intention of being as productive as they can. However, we all know how easy it is to get distracted these days. Some employees feel that they do not even know where all of the hours in the workday have gone by the end of the day.

However, employee time clocks can provide useful data to your employees as well as to your business leaders. When employees can see how much they have been working and where they have been spending their time, it can be much easier for them to identify ways they can improve.

Enjoy Advanced Time Clock Features

Many employee time tracking systems now offer added benefits via extra features. For example, you can require employees to be in a certain location before they clock in.

You can also have your time-tracking system send out alerts to business leaders. Many businesses find it helpful to track things like when an employee starts working overtime.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Employee Online Time Clock

If you are considering using an employee online time clock, you may have already had certain benefits of doing so in mind. However, we hope that learning about further benefits of this time tracking system will help you decide if it is the right choice for your business. As we move into the age of remote work, tracking employee time is becoming even more valuable than it was in the past.

To learn more about how you can find the best employee online time clock for your needs, get in touch with us here at any time!

Published On: August 8th, 2023 / Categories: Time Clocks /