How to Use Attendance Tracking to Improve Employee Productivity

It’s common sense that your employees need to be present to be productive. Keep up with attendance tracking to know when your employees are working.

Absenteeism costs U.S. employers about $36 billion due to lost productivity. Additionally, 75% of businesses in America struggle with time theft as it’s also a factor affecting a company’s productivity.

If you’re not ready to deal with diminishing productivity, you need to embrace attendance tracking tools. Tracking employee attendance will help you identify employee work attendance patterns.

Attendance tracking will help you see who is available for work, who is absent, and how many hours your employees are working.

You may be familiar with different attendance tracking methods. But, you may not understand how to use them to improve employee productivity.

In this post, we’ll tell you the various ways you can leverage attendance tracking to ensure every worker performs at their best. 

To Prevent Time Theft

Time theft is a major issue in the workplace. It occurs when you pay employees for the time they haven’t worked. Time theft can happen in several ways, such as:

  • Clocking in earlier than the actual time
  • Taking long lunches or breaks
  • Working on personal tasks during work hours
  • Engaging in personal phone calls or internet surfing during work hours

While time theft may not seem like a big deal, it can impact your company’s productivity. Research shows that time theft can cost your business four and a half hours every week.

To prevent time theft and increase productivity, you need to track attendance and work hours. Using software to track employee attendance can help you do this by automatically recording when your employees clock in and out.

Some attendance tracking systems come equipped with GPS tracking. They’ll allow you to see if your employees are working on-site during their scheduled hours.

To Improve Employee Accountability

You can use attendance tracking systems to hold employees accountable for their work performance.

Attendance tracking will help you keep an accurate record of the hours your employees have worked. With such a record, it will be easy to hold them accountable for any issues in their shifts.

Attendance tracking systems will give you better visibility into employees who miss work. It will also help you identify those who show up late or switch shifts. 

Don’t take these as minor offenses. They can diminish your business’s productivity, especially if you have to keep on following up with the employees. 

You can use attendance tracking software to take action against employees who don’t show up when expected. The goal is to ensure that your team meets its goals and deadlines as expected. 

To Identify Employees in Need of Training and Support

Attendance tracking systems will give you a clear picture of employees who don’t meet your business’s attendance goals. The systems will help you identify issues with employee performance. You can then make arrangements to improve their productivity.

If you notice that certain employees are absent often, this may show that they are struggling with their work duties. They will most likely benefit from extra training or support.

For example, one employee may be taking sick days too often. They may need more training on how to use personal protective equipment while at work to stay safe. If an employee is frequently late for their shift, they may need more training on time management.

To Improve Employee Scheduling

You can use attendance tracking to improve employee scheduling. Scheduling impacts your employees’ productivity. It determines how much work your employees can complete in a given period of time.

You’ll properly schedule your employees if you leverage attendance tracking software. The data from the software will help you identify any scheduling issues and make changes.

For example, you may notice that certain employees are frequently absent on specific days or times. You can use this data to adjust their schedules to align with the hours they’re available.

Attendance tracking systems can also identify employees who may need a flexible schedule. Identifying these employees early on will help you make accommodations. You can allow them to work remotely to enhance their productivity.

To Reduce Administrative Tasks

Tracking employee attendance can also improve productivity by reducing administrative tasks. Attendance tracking software will automate the recording and storing of employee attendance data.

This will free up your HR department’s time so that the employees there can focus on more critical tasks. They’ll have more time to develop training and development plans and create a safe work environment.

Using a system for attendance tracking will also reduce the chances of human error when recording attendance data. These errors can affect productivity by causing schedule disruptions.

To Improve Punctuality

Punctuality is essential for productivity as it ensures that employees start their shifts on time.

Attendance tracking systems will help you notice employees who are late on most days. You can use the system for attendance tracking to send them reminders about the importance of punctuality.

You can use attendance tracking systems to flag employees whose attendance is below expectations. You can also create an attendance record showing which employees need disciplinary action. 

Improving punctuality will enhance employee productivity. It’ll ensure that employees start their shifts on time and that they can complete their work duties.

Leverage Attendance Tracking for Better Employee Productivity

Attendance tracking is a powerful tool for improving employee productivity in your workplace. Use the tracking systems for the purposes outlined in our article to ensure that your team meets its goals and delivers the best possible results.​

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