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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimated that most companies can expect 3% of their workforce to be absent every single day. 

With large organizations, that’s a lot of attendance to track. 

Time theft is a leading cause of employer cost increases. Manual attendance tracking systems allow for error or deceit. This leads to payment for work not completed and other costs.  

Luckily, there are several human resources (HR) options for tracking attendance. Excel-based templates, HR software, or an all-in-one solution are all available. 

Keep reading this post to learn about your employee attendance options and how they might benefit your company. 

Employee Attendance Tracking Options

Employee attendance tracking systems help companies to know who is working and when. 

It also provides statistics around absenteeism, such as costs associated and rates of absent employees. 

An employee attendance tracking system can streamline employee scheduling and resolve ongoing issues. Which means cost reduction!  

Excel-Based/Manual Tracking

This option is more complex and prone to errors. It involves someone manually entering attendance information daily into an Excel-based template. There are many free templates available on the web or you could easily make your own.

This would only be a viable option for a smaller business with very few employees, though. It would not be worth the time and cost needed for a larger organization. 

Cloud Solution

A cloud-based employee attendance tracking solution is also a great option. This one is optimal for employees who travel or are on the go for their work. 

Employees can track attendance anywhere there is an internet connection from their phone or computer. They can also correct time errors related to clocking out or tracking breaks. 

Cloud-based solutions are comprehensive with other capabilities for employees: 

  • Request time-off
  • Request shift changes
  • View schedules

It also offers several abilities for employers, including: 

  • More accurate payroll
  • Report generation
  • Automated schedules
  • Automated earnings

A cloud-based solution would be a great option for small to large companies. Any business could benefit from this solution. 

Time and Attendance Software

This type of software manages absenteeism and tardiness. 15-20% of employees are late to work on a regular basis. 

This is costing companies a lot of money. 

With time and attendance software, employees will be time-stamped at the exact time they log in. This leaves little room for error or manipulation. 

There are several types of systems: 

  • A fingerprint time clock
  • Facial recognition time clock
  • Mobile applications
  • Web solutions

The data available with this type of software gives you transparency. You can easily resolve the tardiness and absenteeism problems with facts. You’ll have data about how often it happens, who is doing it, and what the impact is. 

Time and attendance software streamlines overall operations, including payroll. This will lead to more efficiency and lower costs. 

Benefits of Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance software has several other benefits for companies. 

It streamlines operations and makes things easier for your HR personnel. 

It Helps with Compliance

Compliance with employment laws is a big deal. You have the necessary documentation in the event of a legal or labor-related situation when using the software. 

Investigations or audits are much easier to coordinate with information in a centralized location. 

It also lowers errors, reducing risk to your company. 

More Insights = Better Decision-Making

You can use data to put new programs into place to reduce tardiness or absenteeism. 

It can help you to see where there are problems that need addressing. 

And it can help the leadership team to recognize when there is an employee that might not be a good fit for the company. Removing employees who are absent or late can save your business money. 

Cost Savings

Not only does it save your staff time, but it also leads to cost savings. 

You won’t be paying employees who are late for the time they missed. There is little chance of anyone being able to tamper with the timesheet. So, you can rest assured the information is accurate. 

How to Choose an Employee Attendance Tracking System

Before choosing a system, you must first decide which option is the best fit for your company. Do you have employees on-premise? Then a facial recognition or card option might be the best fit. 

Do you have a group of sales employees who are rarely at the office and travel the country to secure new clients? A cloud-based option might be best for you. 

Once you’ve determined which type of software, you need to choose a company. Here are a few questions to ask when choosing the software: 

  • Will it integrate with my existing systems?
  • Can I customize it to my company’s processes?
  • What kind of workers can it track?
  • Can I automate it? 

Depending on your needs, the answers to these questions will help guide your decision. It’s also important to consider costs, the size of your organization, and your growth plans. 

Get Started Today

Timetrak Systems has enterprise time and attendance software for businesses of all sizes. Our offerings give you a few options in how you manage your employees’ attendance and time. 

You can choose from facial recognition, RFID badges, fingerprint devices, mobile application, or web systems. Our enterprise software is compatible with payroll services. You can integrate it into your existing systems quickly. 

You can customize the system depending on: 

  • Shift differentials
  • Holiday pay
  • Weekend premiums
  • Attendance point systems

With this many options for employee attendance, what are you waiting for? Sign up or call us for a free consultation today.  

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