You might not realize it, but your business needs time and attendance software. Here’s why this software matters to your business.

Did you know that employee tardiness is costing American businesses billions each year? According to reports, 15-20% of employees arrive late to work on a regular basis.

If you’re struggling with employees clocking in late, time tracking software can help you. However, this isn’t the only area where time tracking and attendance software can save you hassles and money.

Have you yet to start using employee time tracking tools? If so, you’re leaving money on the table—and wasting valuable time on admin tasks that should be automated.

Put a stop to this right now and continue reading to find out the top reasons why every business needs time and attendance software.

Fewer Errors

One of the big benefits of time tracking and attendance software is it reduces errors. Manual employee time clocks and systems are fraught with room for error.

Come the end of the pay period, and it can be very hard to track down and rectify these errors.

With time and attendance software, on the other hand, you’ll be assured that your records are 100% error-free.


Another advantage of automated time and attendance tracking is that it gives you transparency. Because employee time and attendance software is immune to errors, you’ll know without a doubt how much time employees spend at work.

If you need to confront an employee for ongoing late arrivals, or extended lunch breaks, you can do so without worrying that your data is incorrect.

Effortless Data Access

Speaking of data, time and attendance tracking software also gives you easy, consolidated access to employee data. Providing you choose a comprehensive system, it will allow you to view clocked employee time, leave requests, and approvals, all from one place.

Streamlined Payroll

If you’re a  business owner, you know what a time suck payroll can be.

According to a survey by QuickBooks, small business owners spend almost 5 hours on payroll per pay period. This equates to 21 days per year.

Payroll is something that needs to be done right, otherwise, you could land up in hot water, both with your employees and the IRS.

Fortunately, time tracking and attendance software can help you increase the accuracy of your payroll. It can also reduce the time it takes to complete.

For instance, our attendance tracking software integrates with hundreds of payroll services. This means you can automatically import your time tracking data when carrying out end-of-the-month payroll.

Let Attendance Software Optimize Your Business Processes Today

Not matter which way you cut it, if you’re a business operating in today’s age, you need time tracking and attendance software. Employee time tracking software can reduce errors. It can also streamline your payroll processes, and give you on-demand access to employee information.

Are you ready to let attendance software optimize your business?

Here at TimeTrak, we offer a variety of time tracking and attendance software packages. Our attendance and time software includes physical employee time clocks including badge-based, fingerprint, and facial recognition. We also offer hundreds of integrations to bookkeeping and payroll platforms such as Quickbooks and ADP.

Check out our pricing today and revolutionize the way your business keeps track of employee attendance.

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