It can be hard to decide on the right time clock for your employees. Learn why a cloud-based time clock might be the right option.

We all know the drill by now: when we go to work, we have to clock in. Then, we have to punch in and out for our breaks. And lastly, at the end of the day, we punch out yet again.

This can be quite tedious. Not to mention, it can also be inconvenient for employees who are on the go.

So forget about the old-fashioned way of time tracking, as comes with a bunch of problems. Considering we’re in the age of technology, why not use that to your advantage?

Many workplaces are switching to a cloud-based time clock. This is where anyone with permission can access time-tracking software!

Are you interested in hearing more? Then here are some reasons why a cloud-based time clock might be right for your workplace!

Access While on the Go

The beauty of cloud-based technology is that you can access the application wherever you are, on whatever device you choose, so long as you have an internet connection. This means that your employees can access the online timer clock through their smartphones, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities, considering that we use phones for over 3 hours a day!

For example, if they’ve forgotten to clock out, they can just hop on their phones to correct that error. Or if they completely forgot to clock in and out for their breaks, they can correct that mistake as well. In addition, workers can request shift changes, time off, or other things, all through the convenient phone app.

In addition, if they’re working shifts away from the office, they can just hop onto the cloud-based time clock app to clock in and out. They won’t have to worry about going back to the office later to put down the hours worked, which can cause inaccuracies in payroll.

All of the above eliminates the need for employees to speak directly to HR or their managers. As a result, this frees up time and makes things painless for everyone!

Automation for Scheduling and Earnings

A cloud-based time clock is beneficial for not just your employees, but also you! If your workers ever want to change their shifts or request time off, they can easily do so through the app.

Then, you’ll immediately see the requests on your side. The application will then try to accommodate the requests in the best ways possible so all you’ll have to do is approve the requests. If things aren’t optimal for you, you can then change them manually.

In addition, those in charge of payroll will find it very quick to submit. There are pay period tools that’ll make handling issues simple.

This facilitates quicker business processes, which will make you and your employees happier. They’ll get their requests taken care of promptly and you’ll have more time to focus on running your business. It’s a win-win situation!

Generation of Reports

With all the data generated inside the software, it’ll take just a few clicks to download any reports. This can be done through PDF, Excel, and other formats. This means that your bookkeepers won’t have to sift through all the data themselves.

And because it’s a cloud-based program, you can outsource bookkeeping. You won’t have to have to go through the trouble of sending files to an accountant or have them physically come to the office. They can access the software from their own workplace!

Better Accuracy for Payroll

Most employees are busy with work, which can cause them to forget to log hours or even clock in and out completely! Later on, when HR and the accounting department have to double-check hours and send out paychecks, this can cause inaccuracies in both records and pay.

When accessibility to attendance software is available to workers, this gives them the power to fix things as soon as they realize it. They have the ability to view their timecards and hours worked. Any errors can be fixed before payroll is done!

Also, many apps have a handy notification system for supervisors. It’ll alert them as soon as there are missing punches, which will allow them to fix this problem in a timely fashion.

Make Use of Your Existing Tech

When adopting new technology, it can be a hassle. Not only does it take additional equipment, but also more training, which is why many businesses are hesitant to take a step forward.

However, cloud-based time clock apps are very quick to implement. Plus, they make use of your existing tech!

Essentially, they turn all your workplace computers into time clocks. Not only that, but they’re self-service stations where workers don’t need a supervisor’s help to perform standard employee timekeeping functions.

Full Access to the App

Often, when you deal with applications, there are restrictions, such as limits on how many users can access them.

However, with the TimeTrak time clock, there are no limits in place! All employees can log in and use the cloud-based software with no issues. They can clock in and out whenever they want, as well as send in requests for time off or shift changes.

Get Our Cloud-Based Time Clock

If everything we’ve talked about above sounds wonderful, then you should get the TimeTrak cloud-based time clock! Our time and attendance tracking software has all of the above features, so it’ll be easy and convenient for your employees to clock in and out.

So stop dealing with antiquated ways of tracking attendance. We offer a solution that’s not only easy to use, but also more accurate when it comes to timesheets!

Are you interested in our time clock app? Then request a quote from us now!

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