Employee Self-Service Time and Attendance Clock

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Empower your employees with Self-Service

Our employee self-service module called “infoPLUS” provides employees real-time access to information such as time cards, hours, available PTO balances, schedules, and attendance data; as well as the ability to modify time cards and schedules if permissions are given.

Employee self-service is available on some time clocks, web-portal, and our iPhone and Android mobile app.

Time Clocks



Simple Graphical Employee Time Cards

Reduce the burden on your HR and payroll office with Employee Self Service that is simple and easy to use. Our unique graphical employee time cards and make it easy for the employee to identity missing punches or exceptions such as absent or tardy.

Customizable TrakIt® Design

The employee self-service module allows you to provide any KPI (Key Point of Interest) to the employee. Information such as Time Cards, Hours, Schedules, Exceptions and Attendance Points are just a few of the TrakIts available. We can even assist in creating custom TrakIts with your own KPIs for your unique needs.

  • Time Cards, Hours, Schedules
  • Exceptions such as Absence and Tardy 
  • PTO Balances and Detail

Flexibility Beyond Compare

TimeTrak allows you to adapt the system to your environment, your terminology, and your editing, review, and reporting processes. TimeTrak permits you to name your fields and uses those naming conventions throughout the system, on screens, and in reports.