Empower your employees with Self-Service

Discover the power of infoPLUS, our cutting-edge employee self-service module. Unleash real-time access to critical information like time cards, hours, PTO balances, schedules, and attendance data. With customizable permissions, employees can also modify time cards and schedules, putting control in their hands.

Accessible through time clocks and a web portal, our comprehensive self-service solution offers flexibility and convenience, empowering your workforce with seamless access to crucial data anytime, anywhere.

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Self-Service Employee Time Cards

Revolutionize your workforce management with infoPLUS, our user-friendly employee self-service module designed to empower your team and streamline HR and payroll processes. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to seamless efficiency.

infoPLUS features unique graphical employee time cards that provide a visual snapshot of work hours, making it easy for employees to identify missing punches or exceptions like absenteeism or tardiness. This real-time visibility ensures accuracy and puts control in the hands of your employees.

Customizable Self-Service Trakit’s

Transform your workforce management with infoPLUS, our customizable and user-friendly employee self-service module. Empower employees with access to key metrics like time cards, hours, schedules, exceptions, and attendance points through our dynamic TrakIt system. We set ourselves apart with the flexibility to create custom TrakIts tailored to your unique KPIs, ensuring your organization’s specific needs are met.

  • Improve Accuracy
  • Saves Money
  • Enhanced Compliance
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Advanced Time and Attendance

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Looking for a Simpler Solution?

Check out our TimeTrakGO solution and see just how easy employee time tracking can be.

Platform Overview

See what makes TimeTrakGO the ideal time clock system.

Time Clock Options

Choose from Mobile, Web, and Biometric with Facial Recognition.

Easy PTO Tracking

Simple Time Off Requests and Approvals.

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Time and Attendance for Small Business

Looking for simple time and attendance software for a small business? If you don’t need the complexity of our TimeTrak Classic edition, our new version may be for you!

TimeTrakGO is our simple employee time tracking system that features unique graphical employee time cards and uses an ordinary tablet as a time clock!

  • Replaces “Traditional” Time Clocks
  • App Pinning Feature for Security
  • Self-Service Features