Have you ever had an employee return their company vehicle late and give an excuse that seemed illegitimate? Maybe you suspect they were wasting time or using the vehicle for personal business. There’s no real way to know for sure unless you utilize a GPS clocking system. 

With GPS technology, you can know where your employees are at all times throughout the work day. You won’t have to worry about them going off the grid or stealing products.

Here’s what you need to know about GPS time tracking and how to get started.

What is GPS Time Tracking?

First, you need to understand what GPS time tracking is capable of and what it is. 

Keeping tabs on employees when they work remotely or at another job site can prove difficult. It becomes even more challenging if their job requires them to be on the move constantly.

Employee time tracking lets you ensure they’re clocking in and out on time. The employer will get notifications if an employee clocks in too early or clocks out from a location they’re not supposed to be at. 

In the State of Michigan, employees must consent to GPS tracking of any kind. That includes placing trackers on motor vehicles that they operate. 

How Time Tracking With GPS Works

GPS tracking, or geofencing, involves setting a virtual boundary around a worksite. This could be a business location, a remote construction site, or even an employee’s house. When a worker clocks in on the dedicated app, the manager can see their location and if they’re where they need to be. 

The employer can choose to allow punches that happen outside of a boundary, or they can prevent the action entirely. 

Geofencing only works with the app itself. If you choose to track someone’s movements, such as with shipping services, that requires entirely different software and permissions. 

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

Time clock software with GPS capabilities brings all kinds of benefits to both your employees and your company. It prevents time theft and allows for real-time oversight of your employees.

Depending on the software you purchase, it’s also easy to use and helps record work hours without the need for physical documentation. 

Prevents Time Theft

Do you know how to spot timesheet fraud within your company? The only way to tell for sure that an employee has clocked in or out at the right location is through GPS time tracking.

Otherwise, it’s all too easy for someone to clock in when they’re on the way to work or leave early and clock out when they get home. The result of both of these actions is that your company pays this employee a full wage for fewer hours. 

Real-Time Oversight

Another struggle you may face is overseeing employees who aren’t currently in your work area. As a manager, you’re responsible for your workers even from afar. 

Time tracking apps allow you to monitor where they are when they clock in and out, whether it be for a lunch break or when they go home. You don’t want them to clock out when they get to a restaurant or clock back in before they even make it back. 

Accurate Record of Work Hours

One of the best reasons to invest in a GPS clocking system is so that your company can get an accurate record of work hours. Not every employee is trying to take advantage of your business or commit time theft. However, these things can happen by accident and mess up the records of their work hours.

For example, your company may allow an employee to clock in as soon as they get onto the company lot. However, they could cost themselves time if they waited to do so until they entered the building and reached their desk. 

Furthermore, the employer won’t be able to dispute an employee’s work hours when they have both the clocking times and their GPS location. 

Easy to Use

An aspect of tracking software that your employees will use is that they’re generally very easy to use. All they need to do is sign onto the app and clock in. Employers can work with customer service to learn more about setting geofencing and how to disable clocking in. 

No Paper Documentation Required

In addition to its ease of use, GPS tracking software eliminates the need for paper documentation. You won’t have to physically “punch’ a card that will then need to be collected and analyzed by your employer. Instead, everything is visible on the app. 

Employee GPS Tracking Considerations

There are some things to keep in mind before you implement GPS tracking, though. 

First, does it benefit your company to use GPS tracking over other types of clocking software? It may not matter as much if all of your employees work remotely and have other forms of oversight to keep them honest. It’s also not exactly worth it if all of your employees clock in when they get to your business location. 

There’s also the fact that not every employee will enjoy the idea of their employer knowing their location. They may worry that their personal information is being used for other purposes. 

On the plus side, there are some employees who know that GPS is becoming the norm and are okay with it. It’s especially useful for truck drivers who may need to travel through more remote locations and can feel at ease knowing their location is being tracked.

Improve Accountability In the Workplace

GPS time tracking is a good option for workplaces that want to ensure that their employees are where they need to be when they clock in. You won’t have to worry about time discrepancies or time theft. Instead, let them know some of the benefits they can expect from GPS technology. 

TimeTrak provides employee time tracking that can help you save money each period. Our three plans include TimeTrakGO Essential, TimeTrakGO Plus, and TimeTrak Enterprise. Contact us if you have any questions and to learn more about how we can help you. 

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