While some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include things like eating healthier, better financial management, and even being more active, they’re likely to fail before February hits. This is even true in office settings when agreements are made among employees, but that doesn’t have to be the case for resolutions you set for your business.

There are a lot of ways you can practice better habits in the New Year, but where should you start? How can you figure out what your business has to gain? Luckily, we’re here to help.

Read on to learn seven of the best New Year’s resolution ideas for your business.

1. Try a Well-Being Audit

As a business owner, the New Year is the perfect time to reflect. Also called a well-being audit, you can use this to gather evidence about employee needs and use the data to create new goals for you and your team.

Some changes can be made on both sides, but the most important thing you can do as a leader is self-reflection. You’ll be able to uncover your and your employee’s needs, and also learn how you can better serve the people around you. From there, you can start building upon your ideas to create resolutions capable of bringing about lasting change.

2. Stay Consistent

Whether it’s business promotion or planning, staying consistent is the key to building a vital, lasting company. By making it a weekly event, you get to take stock of the things that have and haven’t worked in the past, and then set up new directions or create new goals to grow with.

When you stay on top of seemingly small tasks that constantly get pushed to the bottom of your list, it’s easy to stay stagnant. You can make these meetings less taxing by conducting them more frequently, rather than quarterly or biannually.

Take the time to create a marketing plan that works for you, and then set milestones for yourself. From there, hold yourself and your team accountable to follow through to see max results.

3. Give Back to the Community

With so many organizations and charities out there, finding an organization worth giving back to is easier now than it’s ever been. It’s also a great way to get involved in your community and make a difference in something that matters to you.

Whether it’s serving on a committee, being a mentor, volunteering, or making regular donations, it’s a great way to make your community an all-around better place to live.

4. Block Out Time for Yourself

When it comes to your calendar, be sure to mark out time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of being a business owner, but it’s important to take time out and care for your well-being. If you have trouble freeing up the time necessary to do the things you enjoy, create a meeting for yourself regularly, and then stick to the commitment.

You can also encourage your employees to do the same. During the week, having times when no meetings or other work is expected is a great way to encourage them to make time for the things they care most about.

Investing in yourself and your team is the best way to watch them grow, and this is a great way to get started.

5. Try a New Time Management System

Time tracking is important, whether you run a small business or an enterprise company. It can help your employees stay engaged with their work and the task at hand, and it helps you keep track of the hours they’re putting in.

Remember, the point of time tracking is to put people at ease, not give them more anxiety over their job. That’s why finding the best tool available is essential to helping them succeed. Otherwise, any issues with time management you’ve faced in the past could just continue to get worse.

6. Learn to Delegate

When you’re running a business, you have a lot on your plate. It’s easy to think you can get it all done yourself, but most of the time that’s simply not possible. When your schedule is overloaded, it’s easier to make mistakes and disappoint customers.

Whether it’s missing deadlines or missing client instructions, you’re eventually going to start seeing a difference in the overall quality of your work and the kind of clients you attract. That’s where delegation can help, though.

Finding someone else to handle small tasks that don’t need your attention is a great way to lighten your load. If necessary, you can always outsource things to an outside company or even a freelancer. If your team is capable of handling it, though, remember that’s what they’re there for.

It’s easy to keep things on your plate for the sake of ease, but there are more important things for you to focus on as a business owner. You’re not going to see growth if you continuously run yourself ragged.

Do These New Year’s Resolution Ideas Work for Your Business?

Whether you’re trying to get organized or you simply want new habits for you and your team, utilizing these New Year’s resolution ideas is a great way to build new habits to rely upon. What starts as a simple change can quickly make a lasting impact that has the power to carry well into the future.

Luckily, Timetrak systems can help you every step of the way. Contact us for a quote today.

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