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In the wake of a global pandemic and international upheaval, employee engagement is suffering. For U.S. businesses, this translates to over 500 billion dollars in losses each year.

Employers need to stem the bleeding, starting with time tracking tools such as a facial recognition time clock.

Where is that money being lost? It starts with absenteeism, which covers sick days, calling out for personal days, and the lack of productivity when employees show up to work but are checked out and not dialed into their work.

The solution is a facial recognition time clock. We’ve assembled a guide to highlight the benefits of this type of time clock and how it can help your brand save time and raise productivity.

Combating Employee Disengagement

Employee engagement suffers through disillusionment. In the past year and a half, it’s been disillusioning to see companies talk about coming together and exposing their employees to COVID risk unnecessarily. This gap between values and action causes a drop in engagement.

Working from home also can cause a drop in engagement. Employees may be trying to care for their parents, juggle their children, work around personal appointments, and try to work all at the same time.

What’s the answer? Accountability. Employees need to communicate with their employer, and that starts with clarity on how time is being used.

Staying Secure

Swiping a card, using a key fob, or remembering a password all have one fault in common—human error. Passcards and key fobs can be lost, stolen, or shared. Passwords can be forgotten.

This puts the company at risk. Any software that logs time card information about employees is sensitive. Depending on the company, it can include a vast amount of information about the employee that is personal and should never be exposed.

Some time punch systems also grant access into the building. This is a huge security flaw. If you’ve ever watched a heist movie, you know how easily passcards get swiped—if you’re Tom Cruise, that is.

That’s why a facial recognition time clock is so important. It prevents strangers from gaining access to the building. And it also prevents error that comes from forgetting passwords or losing cards.

It can also serve a dual purpose. Depending on your scanning software, you can configure it to do a temperature scan. During an age where everyone is worried about enabling the spread of infectious disease, this can help you identify fevers before potential spreaders even enter the building.

Track Productivity

Have you heard of buddy punching? It’s a way to game the time clock and avoid negative repercussions. Here’s how it works.

Two employees work in the same department. The first employee got to work a little early and clocked in. The second employee, however, is running late and won’t get there in time.

So, they text the first employee and ask to be clocked in. The first employee can clock themselves in, and the second employee who hasn’t even really arrived yet.

It’s a way of hiding late arrivals from managers and getting yourself off the hook, so the time clock doesn’t tell on you. It isn’t as common as you might think, largely because the practice of buddy punching counts as fraud in some places and can result in immediate firing.

It still happens, though, which explains the popularity of the term. With a facial recognition clock, it means no one can game the system. Only you can clock in, which can help clamp down on extended lunches and consistent late arrivals.

Make Employees Happier

Whether you’re using a real-time clock or a time clock app, it’s a universal truth that most employees don’t like increased surveillance. They could be clocking overtime by coming in early and leaving late, and they still might not like it.

Many people have an innate distrust of Big Brother. They might feel that it’s a sign that the company doesn’t trust them and is trying to milk every last minute from their overworked employees.

It’s worthwhile, in this scenario, to focus on the employee benefits. A time clock calculator ensures an accurate payroll. Every single minute of your employee’s time will be accurately compensated, which is a huge deal.

Payroll is one of those topics where trust is everything but is also easily undermined. If an employee is constantly going to the accountant’s office because their check is wrong, it makes them feel like they’re constantly on the verge of being cheated.

With an exact digital record of hours worked, this problem is immediately eliminated. By adopting an online timer clock, you’re demonstrating respect for their time and effort.

Adopting A Facial Recognition Time Clock

The right facial recognition time clock software will be able to adapt to your equipment, your company size, and your specific employee needs. You deserve to feel confident in your choice of software, which is why we offer a free trial that adapts to your company.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of facial recognition time clock software, contact us today! We’d be more than happy to serve your needs!

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