Did you know that one in 10 US companies use manual timekeeping systems? Using offline spreadsheets or printed timesheets can result in costly errors for your company. These outdated solutions are inefficient and can cause harm to your business.

Biometric scanning is an effective way to improve the time tracking accuracy of your organization. You can use this type of attendance tracking software to improve security and prevent time theft. You’ll also give your employees an easy way to clock in and out during their workday.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about biometric scanning software. Learn how modern time tracking solutions can benefit your business.

What’s Biometric Scanning?

A biometric system utilizes technology to verify your employee’s identities. It tracks when they enter and exits your workplace.

Biometric scans look for personal features on the body. These features can include:

  • Hand geometry
  • Iris
  • Fingerprints
  • Face

Once your employee’s features have been authenticated, they can clock in and out in a few seconds. This employee tracking method is more efficient and accurate than a traditional attendance system.

What Are the Benefits of Biometric Scanning?

A biometric attendance system provides your business with numerous advantages. This includes improving the accuracy of tracking your employees’ work hours. Let’s discuss some of the other ways biometric scanning can improve your organization.

Increased Employee Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned, your employees can easily clock in and out when using a biometric time tracking system. This solution also allows for more automated and accurate tracking of your employees’ attendance. Your payroll and HR departments will become more efficient as they access the data.

Employees won’t have to rely on manual sign-in sheets or punch cards. They can spend less time clocking in for work. They’ll instead get right to work on their daily tasks.

You and your managers can also quickly see how many workers are present on any given day. You can schedule your employees more efficiently, saving your organization money.

Improved Security

Your employees can only clock in and out when the biometric system recognizes their unique physical characteristics. Their identity will get verified when they use the system to register. These systems also eliminate the need for ID badges and time cards, which can get stolen or lost.

You can also utilize the biometric scanning system to limit which employees have access to various parts of your building. Access control can get integrated with biometric attendance and time. Your workplace will be more secure as you limit who can access your facility.

Eliminate Buddy-Punching and Time Theft

Around 49% of workers have admitted to time theft. Time theft costs employers thousands of dollars each year. Some examples of time theft include:

  • Lying about when they start or stop work
  • Clocking in before they’re at work
  • An employee clocking in for another worker
  • Taking long breaks or lunches

You can still lose money even when a worker isn’t stealing time on purpose. They might not be keeping accurate records of their work hours. The worker could be making their best guess as to when they were working.

A biometric time tracking system requires workers to authenticate their identities. Things like time theft and buddy punching become impossible. You can use these systems to prevent and deter theft, saving your company money.

Easy to Use

A biometric attendance system is easy to set up at your workplace. They don’t need a lot of IT support to get up and running. Most systems just need to get plugged in before they’re ready to go.

As a result, you don’t have to redesign your existing software or create a new program to start accurately tracking time. You can integrate them with your current business and HR systems.

Biometric systems also use multiple interfaces, such as:

  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • RS232
  • WiFi

The use of more than one interface makes it simple for you to connect them to your current door access controllers.

Boost Your Employee Satisfaction

Your employees are eager to head home at the end of a long work day. The last thing they want to deal with is the cumbersome task of clocking out, especially if there’s a long line at the time clock. A biometric attendance and time system that’s easy to use and fast will result in happier workers.

There are some times when employees have to work overtime to deal with unexpected situations. Working extra hours can wear down enthusiastic and dedicated workers. This is even more true if the worker doesn’t think their hard work is getting recognized.

A biometric time clock can let employers know when an employee is working high amounts of overtime. HR workers and employers can make adjustments to balance the employee’s workload. Your employees won’t feel like they’re being overworked.

Reduce Administrative Costs

It takes up valuable time for your HR workers when they have to log and input data from your employees from a manual time sheet. There also is the risk that they’ll input a time incorrectly. That’ll result in your employee getting over or underpaid.

A biometric scanning system can reduce administrative costs. It does this by doing the following:

  • Decreasing your staff overhead
  • Removing the necessity to reset an employee’s password
  • Eliminating the need to replace stolen or lost ID cards

You’ll also improve your business’s return on investment (ROI) when you invest in one of these systems. You’ll end up with more money in your bottom line as you eliminate the likelihood of costly payroll errors.

Improve Time Tracking Accuracy of Your Workplace

Long gone are the days when you rely on manual time tracking methods and time clocks. Increase the time tracking accuracy of your organization by implementing biometric scanning technology. There are numerous solutions available no matter the size of your business.

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