Covid-19 changed many things in our world. One of those things are employee time clocks. Here’s what biometrics look like post-Covid.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed nearly everything about our lives. We moved to working at home, taught our children online, held virtual graduations and birthday parties, and spent a year staying away from those we loved most. But as vaccines continue to roll out and the pandemic winds down, many of us are taking a new look at what life will be like going forward.

One of the changes we’re likely to see stick around is the rise of touchless biometrics-based time clocks. Read on to learn more about the future of employee time tracking and what it looks like after the pandemic.

Touchless Solutions

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we all became much more aware of the surfaces around us that we touch every day. One of the first things your business likely identified as a potential source of infection was the employee time clock. Everyone in your company touches this at least twice a day, making it a huge infection vector.

Newer employee time clocks are based on facial recognition are designed to be completely touchless. Rather than identifying an employee through an ID number, badge, or fingerprint these systems use facial scans. The employee simply has to look at the camera and it will scan their face, identify them, and clock them in with no touching required.

Fever Checks

Your clock-in process may also have gotten slowed down in the past year due to temperature checks. One of the predominant symptoms of COVID-19 that was easiest to check was a fever. Many places, including restaurants, businesses, and airports implemented temperature checks to ensure that anyone with a fever was both turned away and tested for COVID-19.

If your employees are already clocking into work using their faces as identification, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Touchless thermometers have become popular this year; you simply stand within a few feet of the camera and it checks your temperature. Some of the higher-end touchless clock-in systems can now perform temperature checks at the same time they’re identifying the employee.

Online Employee Time Tracking

Many of us have moved to working on a remote footing over the past year. Your company may have had to shift to a work-from-home setup, which obviously presents some problems in clocking in. Your employees can check-in through email and other communication channels, but how do you know when they’re really clocking in?

Some clock-in systems offer a web-based time clock option that allows your employees can clock in and out from anywhere, whether that be their desks or their homes. This makes it easier for you to track time during changing work situations and to even allow for a more flexible workforce.

Discover Biometrics-Based Time Clocks

Touchless facial recognition time clocks are the future of employee time tracking, and nothing made that more evident than the COVID-19 pandemic. These systems allow you to keep your employees safer with touchless clock-ins and temperature checks.

If you’d like to learn more about biometrics-based time clocks, check out the rest of our site at Time Trak Systems. From simple to advanced, we have the employee time tracking tools that allow your business to succeed. Check out our pricing today and find the solution that works best for you.


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