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Touchless Time Clock System

TimeTrak’s touchless employee time clock options, such as the Model 915 RFID proximity clock, are completely contactless and offer employees the option of selecting an RFID proximity badge or keychain fob for clocking in.

The software automatically chooses the punch type (IN, OUT, or Lunch) to ensure a completely no-touch solution. TimeTrak’s software is also compatible with leading payroll services like ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, and Sage, making it easy to integrate into your existing system.

Check out our Time Clock Hardware Finder for additional information about our sanitary touch-free time clock options.

Contactless Time and Attendance

Whether your business has hourly, exempt, nonexempt, subcontracted, or temporary workers; TimeTrak has the right touchless time clocks and workforce management software to help you better manage your entire team.

  • Employee Time Cards, Hours, Schedules
  • 40 built-in Exceptions such as Absent and Tardy 
  • Paid Time Off Request and Approval
  • Point System Automation

RFID Touchless Proximity Clocks

RFID Time clocks are also touchless by nature, which makes them the perfect solution in today’s world.

Our RFID touchless time clock for employees will simplify the clocking process and streamline payroll for your organization.  Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a touchless technology commonly used for security access control in buildings and employee time clocks. RFID involves automatically identifying objects through low-power radio waves. This touchless technology exists as either a card-card style badge or proximity keyfobs as seen here.

The best thing about RFID is there are no moving parts to wear out!

See what TimeTrak Touchless Options can do for you!

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