Time Off Request Software

Manage employee time-off requests with ease with our time off request software.

Instantly receive email notifications when an employee submits a paid time off (PTO) request. Approve or deny the request in seconds, and our software will automatically update employee timecards and deduct available time.

Our time off request software is the hassle-free way to manage employee vacation requests.

employee time off request software
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PTO Tracking Software

Streamline your PTO tracking process with our easy-to-use software.

Centralize all employee time-off requests in one place and manage them effortlessly with our PTO tracking software. Our platform makes it easy to review and approve or deny requests quickly, reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks.

When an employee requests PTO, their supervisor or admin will receive instant email notifications. Approving or denying requests takes just a few clicks, and the hours are automatically updated in the employee’s timecard. You can also see a detailed overview of all employee PTO requests and approvals at any time.

Easy Time Off Approval

With just a few clicks, managers can easily review and manage all employee PTO requests from a centralized location, ensuring consistency and fairness in the approval process. Gone are the days of tedious paperwork, phone calls, and emails.

Accurate documentation, including time and date stamps, provides consistent proof of how time off was handled, helping to settle any disputes that may arise.

Paid time off is a critical component to maintaining a happy and productive workforce. TimeTrakGO’s Time Off Center empowers your employees with speedy request approvals and ensures accurate employee paychecks, resulting in a happy and contented team.

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Paid Time Off Balances

Employees can quickly and easily view their PTO balances, request time off, and view the status of their requests.

By allowing employees to view their own PTO balances, they can better plan their time off and avoid scheduling conflicts. They can also quickly check if they have enough PTO available before making a request, reducing the need for unnecessary back-and-forth with their supervisor or HR department.

  • View their PTO Balances
  • Request Time Off
  • Check the Status of Requests

The Employee Time Clock Reinvented!

Multiple Time Clock Options

Combine multiple clocking options for your ENTIRE workforce.


Employee time clock app with GPS location detail.

PIN Entry Kiosk

Web browser or app-based virtual time clock kiosks.

Facial Recognition

Biometric facial recognition employee time clock.