How Does a Touchless Time Clock Work?

How does a touchless time clock work? If you’re asking yourself this question, make sure you keep reading below to learn more!

1 in 4 employees across the US report more hours than they work. For a business owner, that level of time theft has the potential to become a serious problem. It costs companies money while reducing productivity, doing real damage to the bottom line.

But with conventional time clock systems, time theft is easy. Clocking in and out is hard to monitor with any accuracy. Plus employees can always ask their friends to clock in for them, misrepresenting the amount of time they’ve spent at work.

A touchless time clock system could be the solution to your business’s time theft problems. With a facial recognition time clock, you can also minimize the hygiene risks to your employees. It’s the perfect approach for a post-pandemic world.

Interested? Read on, and we’ll talk you through how it all works.

What Is a Touchless Time Clock?

A touchless time clock uses facial recognition to enable employees to clock in and out at work.

These time clocks use a database of employee photographs to verify the identity of a person trying to clock in or out. If the facial features of the user match the employee’s photograph in the database, the clock can then approve the attempt to clock in or out.

In case of attempted time theft, or if it can’t verify the identity of the user, the time clock system can alert an administrator. That means your business can respond to potential time theft at the moment, without needing to rely on the honor system.

Touchless time clocks operate using biometrics, which means it’s almost impossible for anyone to misrepresent their identity when logging their hours at work. A face recognition time clock isn’t just a way to prevent time theft: it’s an investment in a more honest workplace culture.

The Benefits of Touchless Time Clocks

Are you considering a touchless time clock? Here are just a few ways it could make life easier for both you and your employees.

Clock In Faster

Conventional time clocks can be unwieldy. Employees might need to swipe a card or punch in a number, wasting valuable time before they’ve even reached their desks.

With a touchless time clock, there’s no waiting required. The camera will scan your employee’s face, and they’ll be ready to go. It’s an easy time clock system for companies of all sizes.

Keep Your Office Secure

Carrying around a card, key or fob comes with a level of risk. All these means of entry can get lost or stolen, opening up your office to anyone opportunistic enough to put them to use.

But it’s almost impossible to fool a face recognition time clock, which only needs a clear view of your employees’ faces to function. Anyone not in the database won’t be able to get into your offices, period.

Thanks to biometrics, your work site is guaranteed to be more secure. You’ll be protected from literal theft as well as time theft with a touchless time clock.

Stay Hygienic

The Covid-19 pandemic made us all more aware of the need for good hygiene. Keying in a number at a conventional time clock could expose your employees to accumulated bacteria every day, increasing the risk of staff absence from work.

With a touchless time clock, that risk is eliminated. Your employees won’t need to touch a highly-trafficked surface every morning and evening. That means they can return to work confident that office hygiene is a top priority for your business.

Hospitals, care homes, and senior living facilities are adopting touchless time clocks for staff. There’s no reason why your employees shouldn’t have the same opportunity to manage their level of risk.

Keep Staff Punctual

Touchless time clocks gather data on employee punctuality in real-time. As a manager, you’ll be able to see at a glance whether your employees are showing worrying trends of lateness or unscheduled absence.

You’ll have the means to head off any difficulties at the pass. Seeing this information at a glance will enable you to discuss any issues with employees before they turn into long-term problems. You can prevent any lateness issues from spiraling into disciplinary action, which will improve staff retention in the long run.

Touchless Time Clocks and Privacy

It’s important to know your legal obligations when installing a touchless time clock system. While there are no federal laws preventing or limiting the use of biometric time clocks, some states have laws in place to protect users’ biometric data.

Remember that you have a duty to protect your employees’ privacy. Look for a time clock system that is well encrypted, and handles any biometric data in accordance with the law. Your employees will be more open to a touchless time clock system if they can trust you to manage their data appropriately.

Consider writing up a clear, accessible policy for how your time management system will use and store employees’ biometric data. Systems like this can improve employers’ trust in their employees – but that trust has to be mutual.

Time Tracking Solutions for You

The punch-card system of clocking in and out is now centuries old. Modern businesses deserve modern, efficient solutions. A touchless time clock offers convenience, ease of use, improved hygiene, and proven results – what more could your business want?

At TimeTrak, we offer simple, hassle-free solutions for businesses of any size. If your time clock is starting to feel out of date, we offer sales and support for a range of touchless solutions. Get a quote today, and let’s talk about bringing your business up to speed.

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