Are you wondering what a fingerprint time clock is exactly and why is it important for tracking employee time? Learn more.

The first machine used to keep track of an employee’s hours and attendance was invented in 1888 by Willard Bundy.

Ever since then, there have been all kinds of machines and systems created for the same purpose. One of the newer ones being the fingerprint time clock. Technology has come a far way from what it used to be, and these clocks prove just how advanced it has become.

You may be wondering what exactly the fingerprint time clock is and why it is important for your employees.

Look no further, continue reading to learn more about the time clock and the reasons it is essential to businesses.

Employee Time Clocks: What Are They?

These clocks keep track of employees’ hours and attendance at work. They make keeping track of these two things much easier for employers and they are easy to use.

There are different kinds of employee time clocks:

  • Punch card clock
  • Digital clock
  • Time station software
  • Fingerprint clocks
  • Facial Recognition clocks

The one that you will learn about in this article is the fingerprint time clock.

Fingerprint Time Clock

These time clocks are also referred to as biometric time clocks. They are referred to as biometric time clocks because of the information they use to identify and clock in the employer.

Biometric information is a person’s physical characteristics. Fingerprints and facial features are two examples.

How They Work

Fingerprint time clocks store data for each employee. When an employee goes to punch in, they place their finger on the clock. If the correct finger is used and their information is in the system, it will then punch in the employee.

These clocks are used both for when an employee punches in and out. The clock then stores each employer’s individual punch in time.

Depending on the fingerprint time clock you decide to purchase, there are a variety of features.

Some features included:

  • USB HOST port
  • Wifi connection
  • Durable
  • Bell scheduling
  • Multi-Language Support

While going through each fingerprint time clock available, each will have the individual features listed.

Benefits of Fingerprint Time Clocks

Employers may face different issues due to punching in and out. Whether it is intentional issues caused by employees or mistakes made.

Fingerprint time clocks come with many benefits and fix these issues that employers and employees experience.

Stops Time Clock Abuse

There are many instances where coworkers may punch in for one another or even attempt to punch in as someone else. These clocks help stop this from happening.

Because of how these clocks store data for each employee, fraud and buddy punching are not possible to accomplish.

If someone were to attempt to punch in for a particular coworker, it would be impossible because everyone’s fingerprint is individually different. This makes honest and accurate punch-ins a constant.

The security these time clocks provide gives each employee privacy. Their data is not accessible to anyone but themselves, which provides a sense of security.

Makes Keeping Track Easy

Keeping track of every employee’s exact hours and days attended can be quite a handful for one person. With these clocks, keeping track of these things makes the process much easier.

The individualized data stored for each employer keeps track of the exact hours and days that they worked.

Easy to Use

Not only does it help managers keep track of work attendance, but it is a simple clock-in device for employees to use.

They do not need a specific employee number or badge. As mentioned earlier, all they need to do is place their finger on the scanner, and then once identified, they are clocked in for their shift.

Because of how easy they are to use for punching in, employees will not have to worry about punching in from lunch or break earlier than they want to. This gives them a chance to take the break time they actually are supposed to worry-free.

Decreases Payroll Mistakes

At one point or another, most employees run into a mistake with their paycheck. Whether an employee forgot to punch in or somehow an employer messes up payroll. Fixing these mistakes can take time out of your original project and be expensive.

Employers may have to use a time clock calculator to manage payroll and possible mistakes, but the fingerprint time clock makes managing payroll much easier.

Because of how well it accurately keeps track of hours and attendance, managing payroll is more simple and fewer mistakes are made.

Makes Attendance Aspect Stress-Free

With all of the issues that can occur with punching in, stress comes along with it for both the employer and employees.

The fingerprint time clock can eliminate any unnecessary stress that is dealt with due to these issues. Making work easier and more efficient is something every business strives to do, and this clock can help with that.

Fingerprint Time Clock: A Great Option

As technology has advanced in development, many tasks have been much more simplified. The time clock is one of those devices that is a beneficial device for any business.

After reading about this time clock, you can see there are many benefits to investing in a fingerprint time clock. Make your business more efficient and organized today with one of our time clock systems.

We strive the provide you with technology that makes your workday easier for everyone involved in your business. Contact us if you are interested in one of these time clocks or have questions about fingerprint technology.

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