SMS Text Clocking

sms time clock

SMS Text Time Clock

SMS Text Clocking has been discontinued.
Please see our mobile app for remote worker clocking options. 

TimeTrak® SMS Text Time Clock allows employees to conveniently transact using ordinary SMS (Simple Message Service)  text messages.  Just send the appropriate message to the TextTrak number and the transaction is complete! The perfect solution for older style phones or those on pre-paid plans worried about data usage.

Flip Phone

Pre-Paid Phone


Convenient Deployment Options


Now you can begin enjoying the full benefits of TimeTrak with minimal startup expense and rapid implementation.

On-Premise Installation

If preferred, the TimeTrak software can easily be installed on site, using the client’s server infrastructure.

SMS Clocking Advanced Functions

Your mobile device can become a wireless time clock allowing employees to report their arrival for work, their departure, return from lunch or break, even perform department or job class transfers.

  • Department Transfers
  • Job Transfers
  • Lunches, Breaks, and More!

SMS Time Clock and Self-Service

The SMS Time Clock system will allow employees to request their time card, hours, schedule, and benefit accrual balances by text message.   A message can also be sent to confirm receipt of any punch transaction.

  • View Time Cards and Hours
  • Schedules
  • PTO Balances

Flexibility Beyond Compare

TimeTrak allows you to adapt the system to your environment, your terminology, and your editing, review, and reporting processes. TimeTrak permits you to name your fields and uses those naming conventions throughout the system, on screens, and in reports.