Payroll and HR

Administration, Payroll and HR Benefit

Whether your staff is salaried, hourly, exempt, nonexempt, subcontracted, temporary, or any combination thereof, TimeTrak has the right suite of integrated solutions to help you better manage your workforce. We’ll help you:

  • Reduce Costly Payroll Mistakes– With the ability to handle even the most complex union and healthcare policies.
  • Improve Organizational Efficiencies– Manage time and labor processes in real time and eliminate error-prone spreadsheets
  • Streamline Leave Management– Simplify eligibility determinations and absence management workflows, both from the employee’s side as well as from the management side.
  • Boost employee satisfaction– Improve communication and transparency with convenient self-service tools
  • Enhance Security – Extensive powerful password controls combined with detailed audit trails appropriately limit system use while tracking changes to individuals.

  • Make Better Decisions – Access to accurate real-time information presented in easily structured Dashboards keep Employees, Supervisors and Management informed and ready to make fast easy decisions improving the bottom line. Accurate, easily-accessed data makes it practical for organizations to analyze labor hours and costs.
  • Adapt TimeTrak to Your Needs, Not Your Needs to TimeTrak – TimeTrak permits you to adapt the system to your environment, your terminology and your desired editing, review, reporting and approval processes.
  • Automate Corporate Compliance – TimeTrak’s compliance tools and reports help automate your FMLA, ACA, PBJ and other labor policies with highly parameterized setup options.
  • Integrate with Your Other Systems – Our customers experience easy integration with other applications, including those that use SQL data formats: MS-SQL, Oracle, and others. Over 150 interfaces (plus hundreds of more custom interfaces) exist to leading Payroll, Human Resource, Scheduling, Access Control, Shop Floor, and ERP Information Systems. All interfaces are developed in-house and maintained to remain current with all new releases.

Benefits by Role

Intuitive user-friendly design, simplified labor tracking, boost employee satisfaction with latest self-service tools.
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Convenient labor dashboards, flexibility  and  productivity beyond compare, a truly paperless system.
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Reduce costly payroll mistakes, streamline leave management, make informative decisions based on real-time data.
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