What kind of Support Can My Company Expect from TimeTrak ‘After the Sale’?

To say Support is our specialty is an understatement. Clearly, TimeTrak is committed to providing fast, courteous and knowledgeable support to both our customers and business partners. There is nothing worse than a time and attendance system that breaks down on payroll day and there’s no one to help get it back online. Unfortunately, this is an all too commonplace situation and we agree: there are too many companies focused on sales efforts and providing little or no real support.

As a privately held company for over 30 years, TimeTrak has consistently delivered results — year after year — never missing a single payroll to date. While the publicly traded companies in our business are committed to the ‘bottom line’ and accountable to their stockholders to deliver ever-increasing revenue streams & profit margins, TimeTrak is answerable only to it customers — our “stockholders”.

TimeTrak offers both business-hours support and mission critical 24/7 support, by annual agreement. More importantly, TimeTrak’s software support entitles you to the following:

  • Access to TimeTrak Support Staff by Phone/Email
  • Access to TimeTrak’s Web Download/Support Area for Software Updates, Fixes, etc.
  • Access to Remote Diagnostic Support via Network IP Connection or the Web.

For all your time and attendance questions, contact us at (888) 484-6387 or fill out one of our timekeeping information request forms. We’ll be glad to provide you with the help you need.