Employee Time and Attendance Solutions

Employee Time and Attendance Solutions

TimeTrak is simply a much more efficient way to handle your Time and Attendance Solution and labor reporting needs. It couldn’t be easier to meet payroll policies on shift start and end times, overtime, premium time, holidays, shift differentials, job rate changes, on-call, call back, change and clean-up time, etc.


Control Overtime

Exception Tracking


Time and Attendance System Overview

Automate your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll.

  • Automates even the Most Complex Overtime Rules
  • Flexible Time Clock Options
  • Export Directly to Payroll
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Built-In Employee Scheduling

Schedule each individual employee using TimeTrak’s graphical scheduling utility or simply create a master repeating schedule and assign to an employee or group of employees. If enabled, TimeTrak can email alerts to supervisors when an employee fails to show up for a scheduled shift.

  • Built-in Graphical Scheduler
  • Daily, Weekly, and Rotational Schedules 
  • Scheduled vs. Actual Comparison

Flexibility Beyond Compare

TimeTrak allows you to adapt the system to your environment, your terminology, and your editing, review, and reporting processes. TimeTrak permits you to name your fields and uses those naming conventions throughout the system, on screens, and in reports.

Attendance and Exception Reporting

Over 40 Attendance Exceptions are tracked automatically in our Time and Attendance solutions including Early\Late In Punches, Early\Late Out Punches, Short Lunch, Long Lunch, and absent just to name a few. Users may attach Reason Codes to Exceptions to further clarify the Exception (e.g., “Late In due to traffic”). In addition, a Reason Code may be attached to any Time Card record such as marking an absence as unexcused. Need even more attendance tracking? Our attendance\point system automation tool may be just what you need.

  • Over 40 Built-In Exceptions
  • Configurable Grace Periods for Tardy
  • Company Percentages and Averages Reporting

Physical Time and Attendance Clocks

Whether all of your employees reside in one building or you have multiple locations requiring several employee time clocks, TimeTrak has the technology to keep them all connected.

  • Physical Time Clocks Such as Fingerprint or Proximity
  • Virtual Web-based Time Clocks
  • Mobile Clocking with GPS
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Virtual Employee Time Clocks

TimeTrak also offers several virtual employee time clock options including a browser-based Web Time Clock,  native iPhone \ Android apps, and a Windows\PC Application that works in online and offline modes. Each features a modern and intuitive user interface. All standard timekeeping functions such as IN, OUT and LUNCH are supported, along with a variety of labor transfer options.

  • Browser-based Web Time Clock
  • Windows Based PC Time Clock 
  • iPhone and Android Mobile Apps with GPS