Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

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TimeTrak helps you automate your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll, providing maximum productivity by eliminating unnecessary keystrokes, searches, and tedious work. Built-in parameterization allows users to establish pay rules quickly, making it easy to adapt TimeTrak to your needs, not your needs to TimeTrak.

Whether employees are salaried or hourly, TimeTrak speeds a supervisor through timecard/timesheet editing with a unique method of Global Time Card Management, offering quick-edit one-click solutions where appropriate. Move to a truly paperless system, or if desired use a hybrid of paperless and paper for those more comfortable working on paper.

TimeTrak is the safe clear choice for companies looking to reduce unproductive work, providing the best return (and protection) on your investment.

TimeTrak is one of the most mature and stable time and attendance systems on the market. Having the benefit of over 35 years of industry expertise and experience, TimeTrak’s pay rule parameters support the widest variety of timekeeping pay policies and work rules — WITHOUT EXPENSIVE CUSTOM PROGRAMMING!

Electronic Sign-Off provides a truly paperless system requiring no distribution or collection of reports.

We provide over one hundred standard interfaces to/from Human Resource, payroll, and scheduling systems such as ADP PC Payroll, HRizon, ABRA, Lawson, PeopleSoft, PayChex and more. Even if we don’t have one on file for your system, we can quote a custom interface based on your specification or take advantage of TimeTrak’s data integration manager and build your own custom export.

Key Features


Easily Captures and Calculates Employee Time


Simplify Even Complex Scheduling

Save $

Eliminate Unnecessary Overtime and Improve Productivity


Accurately Generates and Tracks Exceptions – Tardy, Absence, Etc


Access Current and Reliable Data To Make Important Management Decisions


Automate and Streamline Complex Leave, Accrual and Benefit Policies


Proactive Alerts On Tardies and Absences As They Occur


Provides On-Demand Real-time Reporting or Automated Reporting for Standard Reports


Our sophisticated rules engine allows us to program even the most complex overtime policies

Additional Information

TimeTrak® is simply a much more efficient way to handle your Time and Attendance and Labor Distribution. It couldn’t be easier to meet payroll policies on shift start and end times, overtime, premium time, holidays, shift differentials, job rate changes, on-call, call back, change and clean-up time, Baylor time, etc. TimeTrak® supports multiple Pay Periods simultaneously, assuring policy enforcement in the most complex situations.

And, TimeTrak® will use the same pay codes and terminology you currently use. You’ll never need to refer to a list since TimeTrak® is totally user-defined and table-driven.

Super-fast TimeTrak® couldn’t be simpler for your supervisors to use. TimeTrak® speeds a supervisor through time card editing with a unique method of Global Time Card Management, offering quick-edit solutions where appropriate. Upon a supervisors sign-on, TimeTrak® can move directly to the Global Time Card Management process, keeping supervisory training time to a minimum — and thus also reducing start-up time.

This process combined with Electronic Sign-Off provides a truly paperless system requiring no distribution or collection of reports. Of course paper reports (or reports to disk for E-mail delivery) are always an option for those supervisors who will not have access to the system. And when those reports are returned marked up with edits, data entry clerks can also use the Global Time Card Management process to speed their Time Card editing.

Password restrictions, Electronic Sign-Off and Audit Trails provide controls ensuring the accuracy of the information transferred to Payroll. Passwords control user access to each part of the package (No Access / View Only / Editing Permitted) — and can even limit whether information can be deleted, added or just changed. Password profiles make it easy to give users access to each employee to whom such access is needed, yet limits where they can go and what they can do.

Electronic Sign-Off (ESO) allows companies to keep electronic records of which supervisor authorized which employee’s hours, eliminating the need for the distribution, collection and storage of paper records. ESO offers both employee level and supervisory level sign off. Companies may choose to use either, both or neither; allowing them to see which employees and/or which supervisors are or are not signed off. Overrides permit Payroll to close pay periods when necessary.

Audit Trails track when and who made changes to Time Card records, Calculated Hours, and Schedules — what the items were before being changed, and what they were changed to.

Whether your employees are salaried or hourly, TimeTrak® can automate the calculation and transfer of their payable hours.

Salaried employees can use a Pay According to Schedule (where hours are system generated with no punching required, only their exceptions to schedule need attention), a One Punch anytime during the day to verify they were in, a Punch IN in the morning to verify on time arrival, or even multiple sets of punches as they come and go (so you know, for insurance purposes if they were working when they were injured off premises). In all cases TimeTrak® will generate their salaried hours for the day.

Hourly employees have many options as well, depending on how much a company wants to reduce its editing. By choosing different levels of employee empowerment, companies can limit supervisor editing to a minimum – balancing it with supervisor review and approval.

And only TimeTrak® offers companies the option of a keyless or keyed punch mode, allowing companies to match their environment and philosophy.

Schedule each individual employee, or use TimeTrak®‘s Global Schedule Editing to assign and change schedules for employees grouped in various ways.

Better yet, let TimeTrak® do the scheduling chores. TimeTrak® can work without schedules, assign schedules that best match both the employee’s IN punch and OUT punch, or automatically update schedules from a master schedule, or a rotational schedule.

It can also automatically update current schedules from individual Advanced Schedules (vacations, etc.), apply holidays, and adjust for daylight savings time.

Nearly all TimeTrak® functions can be automated with memorized jobs and job schedulers that keep track of scheduled activities. Employee Files can be synchronized with Payroll and HR Systems, and Payroll Transfers can be accomplished without leaving TimeTrak®. Bi-directional Interfaces are offered for Payroll, HR, Scheduling, MRP, Job Costing, and other programs.

Over 40 Attendance Exceptions are tracked automatically; and users may attach Reason Codes to Exceptions to further clarify the Exception (e.g., “Bereavement due to death of grandfather”). In addition, a Reason Code may be attached to any Time Card record (e.g., “Approving overtime due to absence of relief employee”), or may be used as a tracking tool even when no exception exists.

Further, employees may make Transfers, charging their time to Departments and Job Classes, effecting changes in rates of pay if required. Every payable minute is tracked to a Date, a Cost Center, a Department, a Job Class, a Pay Code, a Rate, a Multiplication Factor, a Shift, and as to whether or not the time was Scheduled.

Access to the Note Page is available when a supervisor is working with just one employee’s information, anywhere in TimeTrak® or any of its software modules. Supervisors can store notes on employee availability, discussions with the employee, or any other information they wish. Those notes will follow the employee throughout the company.

Another powerful, unique TimeTrak® feature – Pay to Schedule — empowers employees, with appropriate review processes, to reduce editing. If a company desires, it can empower its employees to request certain types of benefit time if they should arrive late, leave early, or be absent. The requests can be limited to special Request Pay Code types only, preventing transfer to Payroll unless a supervisor converts the requested benefit time to a payable Benefit Pay Code. Or they can be empowered to enter valid Benefit Pay Codes (reducing editing by supervisors even further), where supervisors review all time entered by their employees, and have the option to easily take the time away. And for employees that arrive early or leave late, companies can use a similar feature – Pay as Punched – to control overtime and unscheduled time, keeping an accurate record of who authorized the time and why.

With all these unique features, it’s easy to see why TimeTrak® will cut your editing time in half – when compared to any automated system on the market. TimeTrak® is clearly the choice for companies looking to reduce unproductive work, and provides the best return (and protection) on your investment.

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