Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking / Point System Automation

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Exclusive, patented technology that automates monitoring, reporting and appropriate actions for events of importance to a company – employee attendance and absentee policies, budget overages, excessive tardiness, departments or employees with excessive overtime, etc. The attendance tracking module requires no manual supervisor intervention, eliminating the tedious and unnecessary manual review of volumes of labor data.

Owning the Employee Attendance Tracking module is like having a supervisor living within your computer — 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

It constantly monitors information and automatically notifies you of only those situations you are concerned with, at the precise moment you want to be notified. It automatically updates status fields and takes appropriate actions predetermined by you, e.g., printing a warning notice upon the fifth tardiness exceeding five minutes over the last 180 rolling days. It also details each occurrence leading to the action.

The ever-present “supervisor in your computer” will enforce policy evenly and fairly. It never misses an event as it occurs. And it catches problems when required – not after it’s too late.

Our Patented OmniTrak software module streamlines and automates even the most time-consuming and difficult attendance policies. If you have a point-based (occurrence-based) attendance/disciplinary policy or a perfect attendance program, you will want to consult with one of our product representatives today.

Catch Budget overages as they are happening, before you get to year end and realize you are dramatically over budget.  Assign and track project hours on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis,  providing warnings for underages and overages.