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When you purchase a TimeTrak System, you’re not only getting the most technologically advanced clocks you can buy, your account is submitted to our customer support team, which is unparalleled in the timekeeping industry. Beginning with your order, TimeTrak addresses the needs of your business. We then help you to configure our software to be able to handle all of your Timekeeping concerns.

TimeTrak Support is headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan. It is our central location for parts, rebuilds, phone support center, and optional 24-hour emergency contact.

Through the setup of your TimeTrak System, you will be assigned a personal representative, who will guide you through the setup of your system.

The operative phrase for every associate in the TimeTrak Support group is “Serve, Solve, Support,” and TimeTrak brings powerful tools to bear in executing this mandate for our customers.

We use an Advanced Ticket Tracking Software, our way of keeping service history, which is available on every service technician’s personal computer. Even uncommon problems may be solved through the experience gained from thousands of installations.

We provide personalized setup, training, and continued support through our Remote Access Tools.  We can gain direct access to your desktop and make implementing your business needs effortless.

We understand the pain and culture issues that some companies endure with Timekeeping adjustments. We will be able to assist you with the implementation of your Timekeeping system.

We offer full Support Care Packages for your clocks and the optional attachments to them.  We test each clock with a bench test, rigorously checking each clock prior to shipping. We examine the reader and connectivity prior to each issuance of a clock to you to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

TimeTrak offers Clock Module replace/ repair / rebuild / exchange policy. Depending on the Support Care Package you purchase.

Almost 30 years of knowledge and support has built our team into an industry standard.  The team is awaiting your call.