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Delivering exceptional customer experiences through intuitive solutions

Time and Attendance

TimeTrak helps you automate your scheduling, data collection, exception tracking, calculation of hours, review, editing and approval to facilitate quick transfer of accurate hours to payroll; providing maximum productivity by eliminating unnecessary key strokes, searches, and tedious work. Learn More

Employee Self Service

TimeTrak’s suite of employee self service modules includes ClockTrak, SchedTrak, infoPLUS, and essPortals; providing more than just a way for employees to punch in/out/back from lunch/transfer jobs, depts., and other fields. Learn More

Cloud Solutions

Supervisors and Employees can access TimeTrak in the Cloud, our On-Demand solution provides all the power and benefits of our Enterprise solution without the headaches associated with licensed systems. Learn More

Labor Analytics

TimeTrak enables businesses to plan with confidence. Managers have real time critical metrics and reports at their fingertips to make informed decisions regarding work schedules and practices. Learn More

Time Off Management

HisTrak’s basic functions allow for the scheduling, tracking, control and approval of time off.SchedTrak empowers employees to request time off.  They can view their available types of time to take and how many hours they have that are not already committed to a future date. Learn More

Real Time Labor Data

To compete in today’s business world, access to real time data is more important than ever. TimeTrak offers companies the ability to effectively manage day to day operations, as well as future plans and strategic directions. Learn More

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